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Did you know that you can customize our Ransomware Explainer Video?

Adapt LUCY’s Ransomware Explainer Video to your own needs. Owners of a commercial edition can customize every educational video delivered by LUCY for a reasonable price. Our Ransomware video explains in less than two minutes how to protect against Ransomware attacks. This is about the behaviour of each individual: do not open links from unknown, […]

Next Webinar: Using your own Website for a Phishing Simulation

Wow! In our eyes, our first webinar was an overwhelming success! That’s why we decided to carry out our next live demo already in May: “Use your own website for phishing scams.” Can your employees be puzzled by a website that looks exactly the same as your official web presence? Our experience has shown that the […]

Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign and appropriate Malware [Video-Tutorial]

Suitable for reproduction: Build your own advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate attached Malware with LUCY. A 30 minute video gives you the possibility to build up an advanced phishing and malware simulation almost off the cuff! LUCY Founder Oliver explains how you can set up an advanced Educational Spear Phishing campaign and store it […]

Most Americans don’t know much about Cybersecurity – And you?

I did the quiz. My score was 9 out of 10. With this result I belong to the top 4% – It’s not only about strong passwords… A new Pew Research Center survey titled “What the Public Knows about Cybersecurity” tallied responses from more than thousand American adults last year about their understanding of concepts […]

Alert! Please install V 3.3.3! Your LUCY Server needs an immediate patch.

Dear Clients, Please install LUCY version 3.3.3 as soon as possible! It should be available in Lucy upgrade section.   In the case the server has running campaigns: If you have some campaigns running, that prevent you from upgrading and you are unable to access the campaign page, you will be unable to upgrade from […]

The Best Remedy for Cyber Insecurity

The Ransomware explosion of 2016 has not only led to lot of  damage, but also to uncertainty and “cyber insecurity”. This is normal; in the case of new incidents, every person is initially unsure. As with all other uncertainties, experience, education, attitudes and practice also help with cyber insecurity! Experience – In the case of […]

What is the Biggest Cyber Security Threat this Year?

When Artficial Intelligence becomes Criminal or your Fingerprint gets Hacked and eighty other Nightmares in (cyber)crime. In his blog post “Cyber Security Threat 2017” Deepak Kumar has published the answers of his survey on possible cyberspace threats. Nearly 90 answers read like a template for Mr. Robot’s next season. Here are a few examples: 1984 […]

The ultimate Phishing Tool and even more – LUCY V 3.3 out now!

A completely redeveloped PhishButton, Reports in Microsoft Word format, improved learning management system (LMS) functionalities: LUCY had become the ultimate Phishing Tool (and even more)! And it’s still free for up to 50 Users! Download it now. New Version: The Phishing Tool and its training functionalities Again, we put lot of efforts into our baby. […]

Customer Story – Experiences with the use of the LUCY Phishing Awareness Training Server at Robert Bosch

An interview with Patrick Zeller, Senior Manager Enterprise Security, Robert Bosch LLC. March 2017 – “Bosch” is one of LUCY Security’s first major customers. Thanks to its support, the LUCY Phishing and Awareness Training Server was able to develop rapidly. At the beginning of the year 2017, we interviewed Mr. Zeller on the use and […]