Phishing Awareness Content Templates for LUCY Server 01/2017

Phishing Awareness and Attack Scenario Update 01/2017 – Lot of new or improved content!


How to Educate Unteachable Security Ignorants – Screenlocker Ransomware Simulation

LUCY Phishing Software Java Dropper for Awareness Training

11 Great Things LUCY Phishing Software 2017


Please Update to LUCY 3.2.5 (Patch)

Books from Verne Harnish, Stephen Covey, Eric Ries, Liz Wiseman, Marshal Rosenberg and Christoph Mathis for building a better business: Lean Startup, Non Violent Communication, Scaled Agile, Scaling Up and Multipliers

For Accelerators, Multipliers and Entrepreneurs – The Books we read in 2016

It is important that you don’t only focus on Tech skills,  when you build a Software Business. As an entrepreneur and a leader in Tech you need to start early developing your personal and especially your communication skills. So we did in 2016! Here’s the list.

Avoid Ransomware - Locky in Action

18 Strategic and Creative Ways to Avoid Ransomware

Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook - LUCY Server

Our Most Beloved New Feature: Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook

How to configure an IT Security Awareness Training with LUCY Interactive Training Templates

Security Awareness Training – Screencast How to customize your own Training using the Mixed Interactive Template

It's done in two minutes - create a phishing scam simulation with LUCY. A webcast

Create and Execute a Phishing Scam in 2 Minutes – Simulations with LUCY

Send out a Ransomware Simulation in just two Minutes - LUCY Tutorial and screencast

It Takes You 2 Minutes to Create and Send Out a Ransomware Simulation