Inaugural LUCY User Group Congress and Cyber Prevention Summit 2017

Inaugural LUCY Connect Conference

Security Awareness Videos 07/2017

LUCY Customers get great new Security Awareness Videos for free – Content Update 07/2017

Great new Security Awareness videos for you! Anyone can use the videos, owners of a commercial LUCY license can use them in training campaigns in an unlimited way.

New Security Awareness Videos from LUCY 07/2017

The content was tested and improved by pilot customers. We can only recommend the videos! Don’t only run Mock Phish Campaigns with LUCY, but also educate your staff with LUCY!

Create educational campaigns in LUCY where you can customize the awareness content and use the video out of the box. If you want to run an completely individual training for higher success you can order a semi custom video based on one of our movies for a reasonable price. Here’s a brief overview of the new Security Awareness Videos.

Videos for all audiences and requiring a low skill level:

  • Email Security Video: In this (9 minutes) security awareness video we talk about email security risks.We have put together a few security tips, which involve best practices and policies. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Password Security Video: In this (5 minutes) video the user is confronted with password security risks. We show best practices and policies how to decrease the risk. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Physical Security Awareness Video: This is a 4.2 minutes) security awareness video about physical security risks. It contains also security tips and we show best practices and policies. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Mixed Awareness Template IV: This short 5 minute version of a mixed template contains a trainings video and gives the user a few security tips.

A video and a quiz requiring a medium skill level:

  • Mixed Awareness Template III: This mixed INTERACTIVE template explains how to recognize a phishing mail. It also contains a phishing quiz and a video. The duration is approximatively 15-20 Minutes.


Security Awareness Videos from LUCY – everything is included!

By the way: If you want to translate the video into your local language, we do this for only 350 USD….

Simulated Cyber Attacks

Simulated Cyber Attacks [Infographic] – 2/3 of Customers willing to Testify and more than 8 out 10 are Recommending LUCY!

In Spring 2017 customers of LUCY Security were asked to reply to a survey. We have summarized the results of the detailed report (here) in an infographic.

Simulated Cyber Attacks -LUCY Customer Survey 2017


  • The LUCY Customer Survey 2017 got a response rate of 28.4%
  • More than 8 out of 10 customers would recommend LUCY to a third party
  • 2/3 of the respondents are willing to act as reference customers
  • 70% of the respondends were interested in a LUCY User Group

eFax Phishing rocks: The most popular Phishing Attack Template was the

  • eFax-Scenario
  • Other popular scenarios:
    • Encrypted Mail
    • WebEx(e)
    • Virus Scanner
    • Password Assessment
  • 50+ Suggestions for Improvment were submitted
  • Close to half of the suggestions for improvement were already available as feature in LUCY!

The high response rate and the great willingness to stand as a reference customer are amazing, because the IT security industry is known for its secrecy. The high popularity rates for a public user group suggest a rethinking in the market that cyber crime can only be fight and confined together. Secrecy is detrimental to the security of the company on the Internet!

LUCY Server enables companies to be able to implement realistic simulated cyber attacks for educational purposes. At the same time, customized security awareness programs and early warning systems for security incidents can be used to increase cyber security for employees. The LUCY Server also provides the first-time cyber prevention in the form of a product (instead of services) that is affordable for everyone. In addition customers are given the opportunity to test and improve their IT security, even without special know-how using wizards and templates.




There’s no better Solution for Simulated Cyber Attacks!


The Americans love LUCY Security! – Multiple Awards for the Best IT Security Software 2017.

Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze at the IT World Awards 2017! LUCY Security was able to pick up 4 medals at the competition of the American “Network Product Guide“. We can confidently claim that we currently offer the world’s best IT security software.

LUCY: The Best IT Security Software 2017

LUCY is the best IT Security Software 2017

The big competition is held annually and is very popular. Hundreds of companies from all over the world are bidding for a coveted finalist placard or even a place among the top three. The fact that LUCY Security is so clear, no one has expected. Obtaining so many awards in a bunch is simply stunning and confirms that LUCY Software are among the best IT security software products. We were awarded the following categories:

  • Gold Winner: New products and services for LUCY Server 3.4
  • Gold Winner: The most innovative software company – LUCY Security
  • Silver Winner: Innovative software for LUCY Server 3.4
  • Bronze Winner: Best products and services for IT security and risk management


There’s a reason why we have the best IT security software available. Want to now why? Read our Manifesto!

The best IT Security software: Our LUCY Server!


run a mock phish campaign using a game

Have you ever been phished using a game?

When it comes to playing, many people are often unreasonable. A new LUCY Mock Phishing Attack Scenario is trying to take advantage of this fact. In the “Flupy” game, employees can try to win movie tickets. Unfortunately they are becoming the ‘victim’ of a phishing simulation.

Get phished using an online gameThis is once a little different IT security awareness campaign . We find, you can also bring a little humor and fun into this really very serious topic.

Otherwise there are different attack template types available. The Flupy Phishing Attack template is a classical web based attack type. People are directed to a landing page, where they are enticed to enter their user data.

Of course there are other Attack Types available: File based attack templates (Scenarios with customizable attachments) or hyperlink scenarios are also available. A special Attack type are USB /DVD based Mock Phish Attacks. LUCY even allows to create ISO Format DVDs with ‘attack files’ on it.

And of course you can mix the different attack types together in one big, sophisticated campaign.

We wish you lots of success with phishing simulations with LUCY!

LUCY provides many more realistic phishing attack templates. Have a look!


A new Phishing Alert Button for Users - One new feature of LUCY Anti Phishing

Alive and Kicking: LUCY V 3.6 is out!

The new release of LUCY Server V 3.6 has some functional improvements. In particular, changes were made under the hood. We fixed security-critical bugs and the Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit installation packages were separated for the Phishing Incident Plug-in. We strongly recommend to download the newest version of LUCY!

A new Phishing Alert Button for Users - One new feature of LUCY Anti Phishing

Notable changes and new features in LUCY V3.6:

  • Visual changes on the Dashboard
  • New Incident PLug-In (splitted versions x32 / x64)
  • New version of active vulnerabiltiy detection (BeEF replaced)
  • A new version of the active vulnerability detection feature based on own code
  • Fake deletion (you won’t accidentally delete anything)
  • Custom events support
  • Add comparison/benchmark charts into report
  • Extended reporting options
  • Report variable validation
  • Backups speedup
  • Backup of DB data
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Improved Report Templates

Download LUCY Anti Phishing and Cyber Prevention Server below!

Buy a Mock Phish or an IT-Sec Awareness Training for just 1800 Dollars!

Buy educational Phishing campaigns or IT-Awareness trainings for yourself or your clients directly from LUCY!  Define your requirements and we will set up a service based on one of our existing LUCY attack / training templates.

You can buy LUCY educational social engineering services in our shop: Trainings, Phishing and more!We will set up and prepare a mock phish campaign or an awareness training based on your requirements and based on one of our existing templates.

This includes individual templating: Depending on your needs we will configure a Phishing, SMiShing, filebased,  a “Bad Media” (USB/DVD/CD) Attack or an Security training   The configuration of LUCY Server including server configuration tasks is part of the service as well.

Of course we will execute the campaign for you or you can start it yourself.

Debriefing is included – After successful completion we’ll support you in interpreting the campaign results.

You’ll get everything for $ 1800 USD! If you buy a bundle (phishing simulation and awareness training together) you get even a lower price – In this case you’ll have to pay just $ 3000. It has never been so easy to buy Phishing Simulations!

Buy Phishing – What’s in the package?

  • Requirements engineering with customer
  • Configuration of the Campaign
  • Domain reservation and configuration (if needed)
  • User Management and Import (if needed)
  • Templating:  Setting up an appropriate Attack / Awareness Scenario based on a existing LUCY Template*
  • Up to 4 Iterations for refinement
  • Detailed reporting after the campaign
  • Support while campaign execution

* provided by certified Partner or LUCY. The campaign services are dedicated to owners of a commercial edition.

No projects, no long lasting preparations, no hidden costs! Get supreme content from the product leader!

LUCY – We make cyberprevention and simulated internet attacks affordable to everybody!


Kereon is a LUCY Partner

Kereon is now a certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

The Canadian Training and Cybersecurity Specialist Kereon has become a LUCY Value Added Reseller!

Kereon is a LUCY PartnerKereon is empowering their world-class training and Cybersecurity expertise to its worldwide customers with the LUCY Antiphishing Server. To face the ever growing Information Security challenges the company has developed a Security Awareness program called Awee® based on a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Kereons’ seasoned experts possess a success-based track-record covering:

  • Information Security
  • Training
  • Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Psychology (cognitive psychology based expertise)

“Our evaluation has shown that LUCY-Server is the best tool for performing phishing tests for our customers and partners. The flexibility and ease-of-use of the user interface enables us to save a lot of time, prepare different scenarios, and to carry out campaign during operations. We can only recommend LUCY!” – Patrick Chouinard, Chairman of the Board, Kereon.

Kereon helps us to move our do-it-yourself products closer to the Canadian enterprises. Having a local helps us a lot, especially as our LUCY Server is much more known in the English-speaking market than at home in Switzerland. Canada including its Franco Canadian regions, the United Kingdom and the USA contribute to almost half to our turnover”, says LUCY founder Oliver Münchow.

More Inquiries: Palo Stacho, co-founder | palo (a t) lucysecurity (d ot) com | LUCY Phishing GmbH | Seestrasse 13 |  8800 Thalwil | Switzerland | Contact LUCY here.

LUCY Email Risk Score - Visualization how risky emails are

The automated LUCY E-Mail Risk Score

Simplified detection of dangerous emails and massive relief of the security team. The LUCY Email Risk Score as the defining feature of the Threat Analyzer module.

The “Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report“, makes it clear: “…In many cases, their security teams can investigate only half the security alerts they receive on a given day.” This is where the Threat Analyzer provides a remedy and relieves the security team of routine work! Why? – Because users can now have suspicious mail in your inbox checked by LUCY.

Threat Analyzer & Email Risk Score – How it works: LUCYs  Threat Analyzer module allows efficient threat management and risk analysis of e-mails who have been submitted by users using the Phishing Incident Plugin for MS-Outlook. The LUCY Risk Score is calculated by the LUCY Server: Internal databases and predefined, custom IT security rules are combined with external threat information. This results in the world’s first multi-level analysis algorithm and of the visualization  of a particularly meaningful key figure – the LUCY Mail Risk Score. First, the header data of the message is inspected. This is followed by the investigation of the message body. Subsequently, the trustworthiness of the sender as well as of the dispatch route are checked and finally the internal security rules are applied. The results are shown in a comprehensive KPI:

LUCY Email Risk Score - Visualization how risky emails are

In short: Users can submit suspicious / risky emails using the phishing incident plugin for Outlook. The mail is delivered to the LUCY Threat Console. Then the Treat Analyzer starts the work with:

  • Header Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • Application of custom, predefined rules.

And then everything is visualized in the Email Risk Score!

A part of the LUCY Threat Analyzer & Incident Console

The described functionality is an integral part of the LUCYs Threat Analyzer, which is available in the LUCY “Business Edition” and higher versions.

Cyberprevention using LUCYs Threat Analyzer - Domain Analysis determs e-mail risk

Threat Analyzer as part of the Incident Console – Domain analysis helpst to determ the E-Mail Risk

Neoteric is a LUCY Security Partner in Great Britain

Neoteric Networks UK is a certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

We are delighted that Neoteric Networks UK has become a LUCY Value Added Reseller!

Neoteric is a LUCY Security Partner in Great BritainCybersecurity is taken very seriously in the United Kingdom. This leads to a high quality standard throughout the market and to a great interest for our LUCY Server.

In the short time since the end of the partnership agreement, Neoteric Networks has already proved its competencies. We are looking forward to this great partnership!

“LUCY fits in exactly where we need it to, helping our customers raise awareness through simulated attacks and delivering the training to where it is needed most. With ever increasing sophisticated attacks from Hackers it is proving an invaluable tool.” says Rebecca Lee, Director Neoteric Networks”.

LUCY Security is a Swiss company, with customers in over 50 countries. The product, LUCY-Server, enables companies to be able to implement realistic cyberattacks simulations for testing purposes, since 2015. At the same time, customized security awareness programs and early warning systems can be used to increase cyber security for employees. The LUCY Server also performs the first-time cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product that is affordable for everyone. In addition customers are given the opportunity to test and improve their IT security, even without special know-how. Contact LUCY here.

Neoteric Networks delivers a comprehensive approach to Cyber Security. With Digitization, Cloud and the blurring of network borders, Cyber Security needs to help shape your business strategies and avoid any malicious attacks. Learn how Neoteric Networks and LUCY Security can reduce your attack surface whilst raising awareness. Contact Neoteric here.

More inquiries: Palo Stacho, co-founder, palo (a t) lucysecurity (d ot) com | LUCY Phishing GmbH | Seestrasse 13 | 8800 Thalwil | Switzerland