You want to copy an existing Website for a Social Engineering Scam? (Simulation) – We show you how it’s done

After 2 (two!) minutes you have a cloned website for your Phishing Scenario. LUCY Social Engineering Simulation Server empowers you when you set up an IT-Security Awareness Campaign [Screencast].

Advanced Phishing Simulations: Clone a Website and add your own Login Form – Do you want to create a phishing simulation and you want to use an social engineering simulation with LUCY - Cloning an existing Website and inserting a login form for data capturealready existing website as a landing page? This 2 minute video shows you quickly how to create a custom landing page with the website copy feature and adding a custom login form for data capture.

Just create a new scenario and select an empty Web based scenario. You can also select any other Web based scenario template for the social engineering simulation you want to customize, because the “Website Copy Feature” overwrites the default Landing Page of the template.

The steps described in the webcast are

  1. In LUCY, create a new campaign, edit the basic settings and save it
  2. Create a new scenario by selecting a Web based attack template (or chose an empty one), populate all mandatory fields and save it.
  3. Go to the Landing Page Menu Item of the scenario you created just before
  4. Push the “Copy Website Button”, the ‘WebSiteCopy’ dialogue appears
  5. Fill out the fields:
    • URL – The source website you want to copy
    • Language – With that you’re defining your language version (LUCY allows multiple languages in the same campaign)
    • File – Select the appropriate value in the poplist, choose f.e. index.html
  6. Push the “Start” Button and the Website Copy is executed. Even really big sites can be copied. And it’s fast!
  7. After the copy is finished, use the Back Button of the dialoge (not of the browser)
  8. Go into the editor, place the cursor where you want to add the login form, push the button “Insert Login Form”
  9. The System provides you three predefined login forms. Select an appropriate one and press OK. If you want to modify it later on, you can do that manually.
  10. The login form appears on the landing page from you social engineering simulation / phishing scenario. Save your setup of the landing page and you’re done with it!


Thank you for using LUCY. If you want to see the full end-to-end process from setting up the campaign until sending out and tracking the phishing simulation messages, the just watch the longer webcast below.

Watch the full and more detailed Scenario: Social Engineering Simulation Webcast



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Setting up LUCY – It takes just minutes!

LUCY comes as VMWare, ESXi, Virtual Box or Amazon AWS images. Professionals can install it as a 64-bit version on Debian / Docker. When you already have a Virtual machine installed on your PC, it takes you just 5 minutes to install Lucy. It’s so easy!

In this short video you will learn how to perform a VMWare installation. If you choose Oracle Virtual Box, it’s quite similar (Hint: Set the network adapter to bridged mode).  For more information please refer to our LUCY Wiki. The section LUCY Installation offers step-by-step instructions for what you have to do to complete the installation.


Training Video: Educational Video for Users

Rich media content provides the highest learning impact. Use this video in order to improve cybersecurity awareness after you run a phishing simulation in your organization.

For even better results, you can create your own video based on LUCY’s approved video by customizing scenes.


This video can be customized to meet your own needs. LUCY offers a service where you can adapt and brand this video for your organization.



French Training Video: Educational Video for Users

La vidéo de formation IT Security en français Le contenu des médias Rich fournit l’impact de l’apprentissage le plus élevé. Utilisez cette vidéo afin d’améliorer la sensibilisation à la cybersécurité après avoir exécuté une simulation phishing dans votre organisation.

Pour de meilleurs résultats, vous pouvez baser sur la vidéo approuvée LUCY et personnaliser certaines prises.


Cette vidéo peut être adaptée à vos propres besoins. LUCY propose un service où vous pouvez adapter et personnaliser la vidéo sur votre marque ou votre organisation.



Spanish Training Video: Educational Video for Users

El video de entrenamiento de seguridad de TI en español – Contenido multimedia proporciona el mayor impacto de entrenamiento. Utilizar el vídeo con el fin de mejorar el conocimiento de la ciberseguridad después de ejecutar una simulación de phishing en su organización.

Para mejores resultados se puede basar en vídeo aprobado de Lucy y personalizar algunas tomas.


Este video puede ser personalizado a sus propias necesidades. LUCY ofrece un servicio donde se puede adaptar y marca el vídeo para su organización.