Our Most Beloved New Feature: Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook

Report Phishing Incidents with just one click. Our new plugin allows you to response immediately to running phishing attacks.

Phish Report Button for Outlook - Simple for the user, powerful for the CISO!

For the User it’s just a ‘Report Phish’ Button

It is a simple but powerful feature. A button within Microsoft Outlook allows you to send a suspicious mail to a given recipient for analysis and inspection. The administrator checks the suspicious mail if it is a real phishing mail, a false alarm or a phishing simulation. Predefined messages also facilitate the work of the administrator. He can reply easy and quickly to the reporting users.

Reporting Phishing Incidents becomes easy and affordable. The Plugin comes as a *.msi file so the client distribution shouldn’t be a problem.  Do you want to know more? Get more details: Outlook Plugin for Phishing Incidents

Do you want to know even more about our new features we put into LUCY Server? Check out our latest blogpost here:

Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook - LUCY Server
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