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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


Background info

LUCY provides phishing and awareness content in different languages. If you create a campaign and want your employees to get the correct language, you won't need to create a separate scenario for each language. LUCY has the ability to dynamically send the correct language template to the recipient, if you have defined the language for each employee in the recipient settings.


Step 1: upload a recipient group, where you have the correct language associated with each recipient. The language must be specified in English within the recipient list (if you want a recipient to get a german template, his language attribute must be “german” and NOT “deutsch”). If you don't specify a language with the recipient, he will get the base language that was selected when adding a new scenario.

Step 2: When you create a new campaign and select a new scenario, LUCY will ask you which base language you want to use. You can only select one base language at this point:

Step 3: Within the scenario settings you now have the possibility to add further languages. Please select the additional languages for you scenario.

Step 4: When you edit the landing page or edit the message template you will see a drop down menu appearing at the top with the additional language you added in the previous step. If the template is already available in the desired language, the according content will be appear once you to select the language. If there is no template with the desired language, you will need to create the template yourself first.

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