PITS 2017 - Public IT Security im Hotel Adlon Berlin 12/13. September 2017

LUCY at PITS 2017: “The best action against social engineering is own social engineering!”

Have you ever prepared and launched a phishing attack in 15 minutes? Vaccine your staff with realistic phishing simulations and active training against malware and ransomware! We show this at PITS 2017, organized by the mighty german “Behördenspiegel”.

On September 13th, 2017, we will show live at PITS – the Public IT Security Fair 2017 at Hotel Adlon – how to set up, implement, execute and monitor a web-based phishing campaign in LUCY for training purposes. Our LUCY founder, Oliver Münchow, shows how she:

  • Create a web based phishing scenario, using your own website as a template
  • Insert additional “layers” in the scenario, so that you can capture username and password
  • Configure and personalize the phishing mail messages
  • Start, run and monitor the campaign including the behaviour when a user is trapped. We show also how the data input is tracked and stored
  • Analyze the results of the phishing campaign

And all this within 15 minutes! Sign up below!

Exciting Security Tracks

In addition to the Keynotes there are many other, even more exciting speeches and forums:

  • LUCY: Awareness and strategies against social engineering
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence – Knowledge is power
  • Protection against cybercrime
  • Security of mobile devices
  • Cyber attacks and counter-measures
  • Digital forensics
  • Darknet: The Shadow World of the Internet
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Protection of public infrastructures and networks
  • CERT’s and emergency concepts
  • Trusted Cloud
  • Management of access rights / criminal operating platforms
  •  Current situation on IT insecurity
  • Strategies against Ransomware
  • SAP Security – holistic protection against cyber threats for SAP applications

The Public IT Security Fair PITS 2017 will take place on 12/13. September 2017 at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.

LUCY makes cyber prevention and simulated internet attacks affordable and available for everyone – It’s DIY IT Security Awareness & Training!

Bring IT Services

Bring IT Services is a new LUCY Partner in Turkey!

Turkey is heavily under attack by cyber criminals and an important market for LUCY.  That’s why we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bring IT-Services. 

Bring IT Services TurkeyBRING IT Services‘ aim is bridging the Ingenuity Gap between Customers and Perfect IT Solutions. BRING IT Services offers solutions to Enterprises to overcome the challenges they have in Data Management and Information Security processes. “We help organizations to find the best ways to Manage and Secure their Data, wherever it resides. LUCY is a great additional way to achieve that!” says Bring owner Nebi Gurbanli.

…interested in becoming a Certified LUCY Partner? Apply here!

Lynx Technology Partners (USA) is a Certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner now!

The United States is the most advanced in cyber prevention and accounts for approximately 25% of LUCY sales. The US market represents the most important area for us as a Swiss cyber awareness product manufacturer. Having Lynx as such a renowned partner means for us a big step forward in the USA.

Our founder Oliver Münchow is really happy about the new partnership: “With LYNX, we have found a perfect partner. The team is highly qualified, confident and committed to LUCY and is straightforward, fast and efficient. The US and especially the east coast is the most important market for our company. That is why we have taken the time to find the right partner and are excited about this new collaboration. The Lynx team fits perfectly with LUCY.


Gina Mahin, CEO at Lynx Technology Partners says: “Our team of experts at Lynx has evaluated all the major tools available in this Lynx Technology Partnersmarket. We can honestly say that Lucy does it all. Compared to other phishing services, Lucy offers the same capabilities in a product and at a much more competitive price. In addition, Lucy provides the flexibility of being deployed and managed by the customer, or provided as a service, both can be onsite or in a cloud architectureWe are thrilled about this partnership and the opportunity Lucy provides to enhance our security solutions that solve the challenges of our customers!”


About Lynx Technology Partners: Lynx Technology Partners is the trusted Information Security and Risk Management Advisor that customers in highly-regulated industries worldwide depend on to improve security posture, facilitate compliance, reduce risk and refine operational efficiency. With world-class skills and knowledge capital built over 30 years, Lynx security experts help customers recognize and control IT-related risks and maintain compliance with major industry and government standards. Through consulting, security and risk assessments, penetration testing, managed security services and an award-winning GRC solution, Lynx supports many critical projects for security-conscious leaders in Financial Services, Federal, Energy, Healthcare, State Government and Higher Education. For more information, please visit LynxGRC.com.

CONTACT: Doug Yarabinetz | dyarabinetz (a t) lynxtp (do t) com


About LUCY Security: The LUCY Phishing Awareness Training Server is used to simulate social engineering attacks and it’s universally applicable from SMEs up to large enterprises. The product can be installed directly at the customer’s site, with a cloud variant equally being offered. The Swiss solution provides dozens of preconfigured phishing templates and training modules, which can be independently used, by the end user.

The “Phishing Incident Plugin” for Microsoft Outlook also gives the user the possibility to quickly alert an attack. In this case, the security team is relieved of their work, by the automated threat analysis. The product has over 3200 installations in more than 50 countries and has hundreds of paying customers in more than 20 countries. Certified Eco-System Partners in 9 countries offer additional value-added services based on LUCY Server. There is a free community edition, which is suitable for SMEs with up to 50 employees. The commercial versions start at 350 USD, while the unlimited editions are available as from 3’400 USD.

CONTACT: Palo Stacho, palo (a t) lucysecurity (do t) com

…interested in becoming a Certified LUCY Partner? Apply here!

Security Awareness Videos 07/2017

LUCY Customers get great new Security Awareness Videos for free – Content Update 07/2017

Great new Security Awareness videos for you! Anyone can use the videos, owners of a commercial LUCY license can use them in training campaigns in an unlimited way.

New Security Awareness Videos from LUCY 07/2017

The content was tested and improved by pilot customers. We can only recommend the videos! Don’t only run Mock Phish Campaigns with LUCY, but also educate your staff with LUCY!

Create educational campaigns in LUCY where you can customize the awareness content and use the video out of the box. If you want to run an completely individual training for higher success you can order a semi custom video based on one of our movies for a reasonable price. Here’s a brief overview of the new Security Awareness Videos.

Videos for all audiences and requiring a low skill level:

  • Email Security Video: In this (9 minutes) security awareness video we talk about email security risks.We have put together a few security tips, which involve best practices and policies. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Password Security Video: In this (5 minutes) video the user is confronted with password security risks. We show best practices and policies how to decrease the risk. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Physical Security Awareness Video: This is a 4.2 minutes) security awareness video about physical security risks. It contains also security tips and we show best practices and policies. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable.
  • Mixed Awareness Template IV: This short 5 minute version of a mixed template contains a trainings video and gives the user a few security tips.

A video and a quiz requiring a medium skill level:

  • Mixed Awareness Template III: This mixed INTERACTIVE template explains how to recognize a phishing mail. It also contains a phishing quiz and a video. The duration is approximatively 15-20 Minutes.


Security Awareness Videos from LUCY – everything is included!

By the way: If you want to translate the video into your local language, we do this for only 350 USD….

The Americans love LUCY Security! – Multiple Awards for the Best IT Security Software 2017.

Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze at the IT World Awards 2017! LUCY Security was able to pick up 4 medals at the competition of the American “Network Product Guide“. We can confidently claim that we currently offer the world’s best IT security software.

LUCY: The Best IT Security Software 2017

LUCY is the best IT Security Software 2017

The big competition is held annually and is very popular. Hundreds of companies from all over the world are bidding for a coveted finalist placard or even a place among the top three. The fact that LUCY Security is so clear, no one has expected. Obtaining so many awards in a bunch is simply stunning and confirms that LUCY Software are among the best IT security software products. We were awarded the following categories:

  • Gold Winner: New products and services for LUCY Server 3.4
  • Gold Winner: The most innovative software company – LUCY Security
  • Silver Winner: Innovative software for LUCY Server 3.4
  • Bronze Winner: Best products and services for IT security and risk management


There’s a reason why we have the best IT security software available. Want to now why? Read our Manifesto!

The best IT Security software: Our LUCY Server!


Buy a Mock Phish or an IT-Sec Awareness Training for just 1800 Dollars!

Buy educational Phishing campaigns or IT-Awareness trainings for yourself or your clients directly from LUCY!  Define your requirements and we will set up a service based on one of our existing LUCY attack / training templates.

You can buy LUCY educational social engineering services in our shop: Trainings, Phishing and more!We will set up and prepare a mock phish campaign or an awareness training based on your requirements and based on one of our existing templates.

This includes individual templating: Depending on your needs we will configure a Phishing, SMiShing, filebased,  a “Bad Media” (USB/DVD/CD) Attack or an Security training   The configuration of LUCY Server including server configuration tasks is part of the service as well.

Of course we will execute the campaign for you or you can start it yourself.

Debriefing is included – After successful completion we’ll support you in interpreting the campaign results.

You’ll get everything for $ 1800 USD! If you buy a bundle (phishing simulation and awareness training together) you get even a lower price – In this case you’ll have to pay just $ 3000. It has never been so easy to buy Phishing Simulations!

Buy Phishing – What’s in the package?

  • Requirements engineering with customer
  • Configuration of the Campaign
  • Domain reservation and configuration (if needed)
  • User Management and Import (if needed)
  • Templating:  Setting up an appropriate Attack / Awareness Scenario based on a existing LUCY Template*
  • Up to 4 Iterations for refinement
  • Detailed reporting after the campaign
  • Support while campaign execution

* provided by certified Partner or LUCY. The campaign services are dedicated to owners of a commercial edition.

No projects, no long lasting preparations, no hidden costs! Get supreme content from the product leader!

LUCY – We make cyberprevention and simulated internet attacks affordable to everybody!


Neoteric is a LUCY Security Partner in Great Britain

Neoteric Networks UK is a certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

We are delighted that Neoteric Networks UK has become a LUCY Value Added Reseller!

Neoteric is a LUCY Security Partner in Great BritainCybersecurity is taken very seriously in the United Kingdom. This leads to a high quality standard throughout the market and to a great interest for our LUCY Server.

In the short time since the end of the partnership agreement, Neoteric Networks has already proved its competencies. We are looking forward to this great partnership!

“LUCY fits in exactly where we need it to, helping our customers raise awareness through simulated attacks and delivering the training to where it is needed most. With ever increasing sophisticated attacks from Hackers it is proving an invaluable tool.” says Rebecca Lee, Director Neoteric Networks”.

LUCY Security is a Swiss company, with customers in over 50 countries. The product, LUCY-Server, enables companies to be able to implement realistic cyberattacks simulations for testing purposes, since 2015. At the same time, customized security awareness programs and early warning systems can be used to increase cyber security for employees. The LUCY Server also performs the first-time cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product that is affordable for everyone. In addition customers are given the opportunity to test and improve their IT security, even without special know-how. Contact LUCY here.

Neoteric Networks delivers a comprehensive approach to Cyber Security. With Digitization, Cloud and the blurring of network borders, Cyber Security needs to help shape your business strategies and avoid any malicious attacks. Learn how Neoteric Networks and LUCY Security can reduce your attack surface whilst raising awareness. Contact Neoteric here.

More inquiries: Palo Stacho, co-founder, palo (a t) lucysecurity (d ot) com | LUCY Phishing GmbH | Seestrasse 13 | 8800 Thalwil | Switzerland

LUCY Security and Palo Stacho Handelszeitung

Hot topic WannaCry: Significant response to LUCY in the Swiss business and Sunday press

Zürich-Thalwil, 20. Mai 2017 – The global WannaCry attack has put the issue of ransomware and malware countermeasures in the public focus. LUCY is now acknowledged in the leading media of the Swiss press as one of the pillars in the fight against cycled crime!

The economic crime now takes place in Cyberspace. This has now become clear to all. The most important point of defense as well as attack are the people, whether as an employee or private individual.

In the past, safety systems and large companies were the focus of attention. People were neglected and the SMEs were not yet interesting for the criminals. That has changed, even before WannaCry small companies have been increasingly blackmailed with Ransomware. In the meantime the ransom came down to about 600 USD / 400 EUR. This is a price the small companies can pay. Now the first background reports on the cybercrime wave 2017 were published in the Swiss press: The “Handelszeitung” on 18 May and  the “Schweiz am Wochenende” on 20 May 2017 published long articles and both newspapers address exactly the above topics. We are very pleased that employee awareness and phishing simulations will be publicly addressed to the benefit of the employees!

Of course, we recommend the following articles (in German):


Was ist LUCY ?

About: LUCY-Security is a Swiss company with customers in more than 50 countries. Its product LUCY Server allows companies to perform realistic cyber attack simulations. At the same time, customized awareness programs and incident alerting tools can be used to increase cyber security. For the first time, the LUCY server makes cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product affordable for all. Customers can now test and improve their IT security without special knowledge!

For more information please call Palo under +41 44 557 19 37 or write him a mail under palo (a t) lucysecurity (d ot) com. Thank you.


Results from the Customer Survey 2017

Key findings: 84% of the participants recommend LUCY Security and two-thirds of the respondents are willing to call themselves publicly as a reference customer! And more than 70% of the participants are interested in a user group.

For us, it is also interesting that almost half of the submitted suggestions for improvement are already available as LUCY features.



In Feb / Mar 2017, clients of LUCY Security were asked to conduct a customer survey. The return rate was relatively high at 28.4%. The survey was conducted by the company itself on the basis of a short email questionnaire.

LUCY Security was not founded until 2015. The fact that such a young and still small cyber security product manufacturer gets so good grades after such a short time is evidence of the quality of the product and suggests that Swissness is also a not to be underestimated competitive factor.

Furthermore, the results are amazing, because the IT security industry is known for its secrecy. The high popularity rates for a public user group suggest a rethinking in the market that cyber crime can only be fight and confined together. Secrecy is detrimental to the security of the company on the Internet!


What the public knows about cybersecurity quiz

Most Americans don’t know much about Cybersecurity – And you?

I did the quiz. My score was 9 out of 10. With this result I belong to the top 4% – It’s not only about strong passwords…
A new Pew Research Center survey titled “What the Public Knows about Cybersecurity” tallied responses from more than thousand American adults last year about their understanding of concepts important to online safety and privacy. It shows that Americans are not as good as recognising Phishing mails or determining if the web site where they are entering credit card information is encrypted. We assume that other countries would not perform better.
Pew - Study: What the public knows about Cybersecurity
Only 54% of US internet users are able to identify examples of phishing attacks. Phishing remains a favourite trick for infecting computers with malware and to gain access to the computer. Americans’ understanding of E-Mail and Wi-Fi encryption is also rather mixed. Less than half of internet users are able to correctly identify that the statement “all email is encrypted by default” is false.
Private browsing not really private – Only 4 out of 10 internet users are aware that internet service providers (ISPs) are able to see the sites their customers are visiting while utilizing the “private browsing” mode on their internet browsers. And one-third (33%) are aware that the letter “s” in a URL beginning with “https://” indicates that the traffic on that site is encrypted!
Other findings in the Pew survey:
  • 75 % of participants are able to identify the most secure password from a list of four options.
  • 52 % of people know that turning off the GPS function on smartphones does not prevent tracking. Mobile phones can be tracked via cell towers / Wi-Fi networks.
  • 10 % were able to identify one example of multi-factor authentication when presented with four images of online login screens.

LUCY Server makes Phishing Simulations and Cybersecurity education available and affordable to everybody. A free Community Edition can be downloaded from lucysecurity.com/download. Hunderts of customers trust LUCY!