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LUCY the only truly GDPR compliant security awareness and phishing simulation solution!

Our evaluation process has shown that LUCY Security Awereness software is the only solution that meets our data protection and GDPR needs. Moreover, the LUCY people have shown that they are always looking for a solution to our problems! – Statement of a new corporate customer 2018 Full GDPR compliance in the LUCY Security Awareness […]

The Marriott Data Breach: What impact will this incident have on industry and consumers? Listen to the podcast!

01.12.2018 – Did it start with a Phishing Attack? Jean Martin’s podcast on ITSP Radio investigates the theft of 500 million records at the Marriott Group. The Marriott Data Breach led to the data of half a billion Marriott guests leaving the company. Jean speaks with his guests Colin Bastable of LUCY Security and Matt […]

LUCY Security recognized as most promising cybersecurity startup 2018

Awards such as ‘Most Promising Cybersecurity startup 2018‘ are not only fun. They also support LUCY in the current investor search as described here. New Cyber Security Players are entering the market!   The ever evolving nature of cyber attacks requires companies to constantly update their corporate security strategies. Best practices used 5 years ago may […]

Free Security Awareness Posters for your personal usage

Nearly 70 new educational posters for printing and hanging – freely modifiable and available in two different versions. This is simple and effective employee sensitisation for security awareness. The LUCY Software contains the posters also in the source format (Adobe Illustrator). You can revise and modify the posters according to your ideas. It’s that simple! […]

How do I do a file-based phishing email simulation and training? [Video Tutorial]

Phishing Attacks Made Easy – In 15 minutes to a savvy professional attack with file-based phishing email and IT security training. Prevent cybercrime, strengthen your employees! The recording of the webinar moderated by Kevin Beaver shows how to provide an advanced phishing campaign. The video tutorial is rounded off with a search for existing data […]

The 10 most effective phishing mails for employee sensitization [customer experience sharing]

Simple = Effective. For the top 10 Phishing Emails a simple formula obviously applies when it comes to the question of which phishing simulations are the most effective. During the LUCY User Conference 2018, a survey was conducted among the participating customers to find out which is the best or most effective phishing campaign. The 10 […]

We are all LUCY! [PhotoGallery]

Prevention of cybercrime: Europe and Germany are awakening! it-sa in Nuremberg is the world’s second largest trade fair for information security. The fair has shown: Interest in IT security and employee awareness has risen sharply! The number of visitors to the stand of LUCY Security, the provider of Cybercrime prevention software, was absolutely remarkable. Not […]

Did you miss all these features from the past 12 months? From LUCY 3.7 to 4.3

From 3.7 -> 4.3 : This is a considerable list! See a summary of the functionalities we have built or expanded in the last 12 months.   Oct-16-2018 We have found that new features are often not noticed by users and therefore not used. That’s why we have summarized the most important new features of the […]

Even for Experts: Phishing & Training Campaigns set up within seconds with LUCY Software 4.3 [Video]

It can’t be better! Cybercrime Prevention in Seconds! Also for Pros: A new Phishing and Training Wizard for Campaign Creation is available in LUCY V4.3. LUCY Software is the leading solution for cybercrime prevention. Watch the 2-minute video and discover how to set up, start and send a complete simulated phishing attack and a security […]

New LUCY 4.3 brings a full blown LMS and Debian 9.5

LUCY V4.3 brings  The Learning Management System (LMS) has reached full capacity. It includes now the advanced education portal functionality for end users: This feature allows users/victims to log into Lucy on their own and track their progress over multiple campaigns/trainings A brand new Campaign Wizard 2-Factor Authentication for Lucy Users and Admins A new […]