Thanks to you, our first RSA conference was a success!

More than 500 people from 31 countries(!) visited the booth of LUCY Security. The RSA Conference 2018 was a complete success thanks to the many great interested parties and visitors!

It was four intensive days that were worth it. We were able to make many new contacts and also talk to existing customers. It was clear that we could welcome many people from the USA and Canada. What surprised us, however, is the fact that we attracted a significant number of visitors from from:

  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Korea and
  • Mexico

And we could even get to know some Swiss 🙂






— LUCY at RSA 2018 —

Short information: LUCY has more than 5000 Twitter followers!

We are very proud that LUCY has a Twitter community of over 5000 followers now! And not a single contact is bought! We thank everyone who follows us and look forward to many interesting tweets in the future!


gdpr code of conduct example

The LUCY Code of Conduct for GDPR compliance

At LUCY Security, a lean GDPR Code of Conduct provides guidance in dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation. We’ll show you what we’ve done.

As a Swiss company following also EU law, we have taken the European-wide introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation as an opportunity to revise our data security processes and we have introduced a GDPR guideline for our employees.

Our GDPR code of conduct helps our employees to comply with the  new law and it is nothing more than a brief list of the elements that are important to us as a software company. We have deliberately dispensed with legal language and a detailed description. We wanted to create a well memorable guide to GDPR and not write a book! Attention: LUCY Security has further security policies, the GDPR guideline is not the only security policy in operation. Here comes our GDPR Code of Conduct:

GDPR – Fundamentals

Data protection is everybody’s business! Every LUCY employee is obliged to handle personal or customer data responsibly.

The customer data belongs to the customer! Finally, the customer determines what the (his) data is to be used for. He determines the purpose.

The term data subject is also to be understood in this guide as a synonym for customer or data owner.

The customer is the so-called controller, LUCY is the so-called data processor.

LUCY is liable for data protection violations of the personal data held or for breaches of the law.

There is a DPO (data protection officer) in the company and the management of LUCY Security is equally responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Act.

GDPR – The Guiding Principles

  1. The employees of LUCY Security develop software that corresponds to the “Security by Design” approach. Privacy and data protection are as important in software development as speed, stability and maintainability.
  2. The unsolicited use of (customers/persons) data for purposes other than the purpose of origin is prohibited.
  3. Customer instructions concerning data must always be given in writing and must be followed immediately by LUCY employees.
  4. The LUCY employee checks whether a customer instruction for his data is regular or exceptional. The implementation of exceptional instructions may be subject to a fee. The DPO will be happy to help in such cases.
  5. LUCY Security also takes over future changes in the GDPR legislation.
  6. Customer data must be kept safe (data security) and with integrity by LUCY employees and subcontractors.
  7. The provision of data to subcontractors requires the explicit consent of the customer. The subcontractors have the same duties as LUCY itself and they must grant the customer the same rights. The subcontractor must also be able to prove that he fulfils the GDPR requirements and fulfils the duties.
  8. LUCY Security has a duty of proof that customer data is secure.
  9. Data is encrypted and access to it is secured.
  10. Customer data may not be freely viewed. An anonymization or pseudonimization is to be chosen, so that the access to the data processing for the LUCY employees can take place virtually only in the technical sense.
  11. LUCY and its employees implement technical GDPR measures: Encryption, pseudonimization, backup & restore, secure physical and it access. Further additional measures are reserved.
  12. LUCY and its employees implement organizational protection measures: They keep an ongoing record of processing activities (link to the document “Record of Processing Activities”), they maintain and document the data processing processes. Additional measures reserved.
  13. Regular security checks of the technical measures are carried out at least every 24 months.
  14. LUCY regularly checks / audits the organizational measures (process execution, directories, documentation).
  15. The customer or the data subject can request access to their data. The LUCY employees must support him without delay and free of charge and allow him access.
  16. Data protection incidents must be reported to the customer within 48 hours. There is an information obligation with cause, number of records affected, how it was compromised, what are the consequences and what countermeasures were taken. Databreaches are reported using a standard LUCY form.
  17. In the event of data protection incidents, the incident mitigation must be initiated immediately.
  18. If LUCY audits the data processing (of customer data) by third parties (authorities), this must be reported to the customer immediately.
  19. Enforcement authorities may audit the data processing or even view data, but they must present an official legimitation.
  20. A possible publication of the data to the authorities or other external parties is always only possible via the DPO and its consent!
  21. If the customer requests that he wants his data back, then these are to be given back to him immediately. This is usually equivalent to the end of a contract. Residual budgets, remaining license terms will not be refunded to the customer.
  22. Upon return of the customer data, a receipt must be issued and the data must be irrevocably deleted by LUCY.
  23. The customer has the right to audit his customer data, he must announce this at least 3 days in advance.
  24. This is a non-exhaustive list of LUCY’s obligation to support the following data-related customer business requests:
    1. Information requests (Where and how is my data kept?)
    2. Data corrections
    3. Deletion requests (If this refers to data relating to customer installations of ‘LUCY Server’, this can lead to the end of the contract)
    4. Restrictions on data processing (This can lead to the end of the contract)
    5. Exercise of the right of data portability (export of LUCY Server user data, possibly further data records)
    6. Exercise of the right to object to data processing (enforces termination of contract) at LUCY Security
  25. We don’t transfer Datasets to other countries (Non-EU, Non-Switzerland)

Acknowledgements and Signatures

I agree that I have read and understood all paragraphs. I will follow the policies

Place & Date

Signature DPO of the company / Signature of the employee


It’s a GDPR Code of Conduct Example!

The above Code of Conduct for GDPR is a practical example of LUCY Security AG from Switzerland. All content is subject to change. All information is without guarantee and LUCY Security assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the contents.

A simply formulated GDPR employee guideline increases the security in the enterprise, we are absolutely convinced of it!

Let us know what you think! Thank you.

April 2018.


LUCY Content Update 2018 with more than 165 new scenarios

165+ new and revised Phishing Test and Attack Training Templates – Large Awareness Content Update I/2018

Others require you to pay for new or individual attack and training templates. At LUCY, new Phishing tests, training courses or even videos are always included in the basic price! We show the highlights of the more than 165 new templates of the current content update I/2018. What is included in the Big Content Update?

New attack scenarios for Phishing Tests

We have delivered over 30 completely new new scenarios. It has been proven that many phishing tests that run simultaneously and are sent out at random have the greatest sensitizing benefit for employees. This is one of the reasons why the need for simpler’ hyperlink-based’ attack scenarios remains high. That’s why we added about a dozen new hyperlink scenarios. We also have responded to the various customer requests and now offer a’ hyperlink’ variant of some existing ‘web-based’ scenarios (these are the scenarios with landing page). In terms of content, customers report to us that phishing tests around the topics

  • Security alerts
  • Microsoft / Outlook 365 ©
  • notifications for any registrations on web platforms and
  • Smartphone / iPhone © Contests

Still achieve high victim rates (successful phishing simulations). This is why we have delivered further Best Practice templates in these areas.

New training templates

The need for more training modules is unbroken. Our new training modules range from interactive GDPR courses, new or revised videos to simple PDF onepagers.

Significantly more languages

All scenarios are now available in several language versions. The language bar usually looks like this:

Available Standard Languages Phishing Test and Awareness Modules

Languages supported out of the box

Today we can safely claim that most of the content is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish! Very often Russian and Ukrainian are added.

How do I get to the new content?

If you have installed LUCY, the newly available content is automatically reported to you. Otherwise, you can check in the Settings menu in the Download Updates section whether other new templates can be downloaded.

Can I maintain and develop my own templates?

Major customers such as Robert Bosch make intensive use of this functionality. International consulting firms maintain their own phishing templates, which are adapted and maintained on an ongoing basis for each country. LUCY is a standard software that was created for this purpose. This ensures reusability and investment protection.

Examples of the LUCY Awareness Content Update I/2018

Below we show you excerpts from the more than 165 new or revised training and phishing test contents. Have fun testing and training!

or download our free Community Edition here.

Educational and Training Modules

GDPR Course or TrainingGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – This interactive e-learning course for employees introduces the GDPR and the key compliance obligations for organizations. It also aims to provide a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the regulation.


LUCY Phishing VideoLucy Phishing Video (with Tracking Option) – This is our most successful 3-minute educational video about phishing attacks, shown in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. Each video scene can be customized (e.g. custom branding) and translated into additional languages. See: . This video allows you to track if the user watched the content.

Ohne Pager Training Phishing Awareness One Pager Phishing Awareness (responsive | 1.2) – This is a static one page long phishing awareness html template. It works with a min resolution of 360 pixels.



PDF Infoflyer for educational it-awareness purposesPDF Infoflyer – A one-page phishing awareness flyer (PDF) is embedded in this static web page. The editable word template is located within this scenarios template folder. After you make desired changes to the word file, please save it as a PDF with the name “info.pdf” and upload back to your LUCY instance using the file manager within this template. All content is 100 % customizable.


Phishing Security Exam V1.3 Phishing Security Exam (Version 1.2) – In this short interactive exam the user is asked a few multiple choice questions in order to test their knowledge regarding phishing. Duration: 10Minutes



Phisical Security CoursePhysical Security Course 1.2 – In this short security course, the user is presented a few facts about common threats and countermeasures regarding physical security (unattended devices, shoulder surfing, portable media devices, disposal of sensitive information, visitors, etc).


Secure Internet Usage Video Secure internet usage video – In this security awareness video we talk about secure internet usage. The content (animation, language, script) is customizable. More info about customization can be found here: .


Workplace Security CourseWorkplace Security Course – This course takes approximately 30 Minutes to complete. Upon completion of Workplace Security Awareness, employees and managers will be able to: Identify potential risks to workplace violence, describe measures for improving workplace security & determine the actions to take in response to a security situation.It is a long course requiring a superior skill leve.


New and updated Attack Scenarios / Phishing Templates


Bizarre News Phishing TestBizarre News – Some bizarre news article asking the user to click the link for more details



Confirmatin Social Media Profile as Phishing TestConfirmation Social Media Profile (hyperlink only) – A social media provider informs the recipient that a profile under his/her name has been created.



Contest as a phishing test

Contest (Link Only) -In this hyperlink scenario, people can participate in a contest to win a trip to Paris. This is one of the simplest templates but it is still effective. That’s why we reworked it and added some more languages.




Win an Iphone as a Phishing TestContest II – Win an IPHONE 8 v1.1 – As a part of a special promotion, the recipient can win an IPHONE 8 by registering with his/her company account.



Cutest Animals as Phishing TestCutest Animals – These animals were voted top 10 cutest in the world. The user is asked to click on the link to see full list



Dating Site Confirmation as Phishing TestDating Site Confirmation (Ladies) – An email that confirms subscription for a dating site and presents a few matching profiles. This template is intended for the male audience.



Tinder Confirmation as Phishing TestDating Site Confirmation (Gentlemen) – An email message that confirms subscription for a dating site and presents a few matching profiles. This template is intended for the female audience.



Dropbox as Phishing TestDropbox (Hyperlink Only) – In this hyperlink scenario the user is informed that a document on “DropoBox” is ready for download.



Email in Quarantine as Phishing TestYour action is required: email in quarantine 1.1 – This template is made to look like an innocuous spam quarantine message – something most people are used to seeing, but don’t pay a lot of attention to and wouldn’t necessarily question. It’s also preying on the user’s sense of curiosity, by saying you have quarantined messages, but not showing what they are. Once the user is logged in, he/she can download a PDF error report. The download can be tracked by the LUCY admin.


Email Access Restrictions as Phishing TestEmail Internet Access Restrictions -Using a new email security filter, the user is informed that his internet access will be fully or partially restricted.



Encrypted Email as Phishing TestEncrypted Mail (Download Only) – Encrypted e-mail access. The user is asked to download an encrypted e-mail message in an MS-Office © document.



Final notice as Phising TestFinal notice: unpaid services – You get afinal notice. A payment has not been received, and thus the account remains past due.



Funny IQ test as mock phish scenarioFunny IQ Test (Hyperlink only) – A hyperlink based scenario with a common IQ test question.




Funny IQ Test as Phishing SimulationFunny IQ Test Webpage – A web based scenario with a few common IQ test question.



Funny Pics as Phishing TestFunny Pics – Click on a link to explore funny pics on the web. It is a simple scenario but it is still working.



iCloud login as Phishing TestiCloud (Hyperlink Only) – This template simulates the iCloud tracking feature of lost/stolen devices.




Increase your mail storage as phishing testIncrease your internal mail storage – The user is asked to click a link to increase the mail storage quota in order to have access to the mailbox.



IRS Tax Refund as Phishing TestIRS Tax Refund – This is a real world tax refund scam example 😉



Lunch discount with macro as Phishing TestLunch Discount (Mixed with Macro) – Lunch discount voucher with a Macro available, after the user logs into the the authenticated area. This is a file based scenario including one of our own and safe droppers.



microsoft office 365 login as phishing testMicrosoft 365 © Online Login All new Version 1.2 – The message asks the user to login to his/her “Mircosoft Office 365” account. The login will generate an error, and the user will be able to download the software.



Microsoft Receipt as Phishing TestMicrosoft Receipt (eMail attachment only) – This is a file-based only scenario without a landing page. It contains a Word file with macros. When the macro gets executed, the script will simply connect back to LUCY using the built-in browser. No data is transmitted. You will have the ability to track who executed the macro.


Microsoft Virus as a phishing testMicrosoft Warning (Hyperlink Only) – The user receives a window style warning “Internet Browser is infected with a worm SVCHOST.Stealth.Keylogger.” and is asked to click on a link to resolve this.



Reedeem points from airline as phishing testRedeem points for Airline ticket – Some phishing scams do not ask for logins. Instead, they try to get some general information about the user by offering interesting giveaways. In this scenario, we ask the user to provide  information about past flights. Many people participate in these bogus giveaways thinking some of them might be genuine.  However, providing information about past flights is valuable for any attacker as it helps prepare more sophisticated attacks.

secure message waiting as mock phish templateSecure Message Waiting – In this hyperlink scenario the user will get a notification about a secure e-mail waiting in his inbox. This message template has different languages within the actual message body. The recipient can select the language at the top


termination of your email account as simulated phising attackTermination of your email account (Hyperlink Only) – Email messages which claim the recipient’s email account is in the process of being deactivated and hence he/she must click the link within the same email message to cancel the deactivation process.


termination of your email account as phishing testTermination of your email account – It is the same scenario as above. But after the ‘login’, the recipient will also be able to download a PDF error report. The download of this report can be tracked by the LUCY admin.



web surfing statistics as phishing simulation scenarioNew Web Surfing Statistics (Login & Macro) – Employees get asked to enter their MS-Windows credentials to access personalized web surfing statistics from a site, where they can download a detailed report that contains a Macro. This is still one of our most successful scenarios that’s why we reworked it.


simulation template: Workplace security notificationWorkplace Security Notification – “Workdaysystem”: a security notification from the workplace information system requires immediate attention. The notification details can be downloaded within the authenticated area as a traceable PDF


workplace security notification with word macro as phishing simulation (template)Workplace Security Notification (Download Only) – “Workdaysystem”: a security notification from the workplace information system requires immediate attention. The notification details can be downloaded as a traceable Microsoft Office © file with a Macro, that pings back to LUCY upon opening.


you have been tagged as phishing testYou have been tagged – Your picture has been tagged on “SocialHub”. Provide your e-mail and birth date to confirm that this is you!



your account was leaked as phishing testYour account was leaked! (hyperlink only) – The FBI Cybercrime Division informs the recipient that his/her email account was flagged in their database as potentially being used for fraudulent activity.



your account was leaked as phishing simulation including word macroYour account was leaked! (with Word Macro) – The FBI Cybercrime Division informs the recipient that his/her email account was flagged in their database as potentially being used for fraudulent activity. After filling the fields on the Landing Page, a MS-Word Document with a Macro will be available for downloading the database report. This is a new file based attack template.


premium membership account details as a phishing testYour membership account has been created – The user gets a notification that a membership account has been created and he has 24 hours to deactivate the account before his credit card gets charged



Train ticket purchase as phishing testYour train ticket is ready for download – The user gets a copy of his train tickets, which can be edited/viewed using a link



So that’s it so far. Keep on enjoying LUCY Server!


 or download our free Community Edition here.


5000 active servers: Our Market Share in Global Cybersecurity Awareness

In January 2018 the usage exceeded 5000 servers and where is LUCY most popular? With 5000 activated Security Awareness Licenses LUCY Server is the newcomer in the cybersecurity market!

5000 in 3 years – When we launched version 1.0 of LUCY in early 2015, we had no idea how many installations to expect. In fact, every company needs IT-Security Awareness Training including Phsishing Tests. And there are almost 45 million registered companies in the world. But we didn’t know whether our solution for Mock-Phish attacks and employee awareness trainings would be appealing at all. We are proud that in three years we have made it to over 5000 instances!

What are the most popular countries? The LUCY Top 5

Almost half of LUCY’s customers come from English-speaking countries: 45% of LUCY’s customers are in this category. The German-speaking region is the second largest customer group with a share of 30%. This fact is obvious because LUCY Security is a Swiss company and because our product fulfils the basic data protection regulation (GDPR) from the very beginning.

We now have paying customers in 30 countries! These are the LUCY Top 5 countries (percentage of customers):

  1. USA 28%
  2. Germany 16%
  3. Switzerland 11%
  4. United Kingdom 9%
  5. Australia 4%

Excursion: How many companies are there worldwide?

In our opinion, the cybersecurity market encompasses ‘all companies’.  The question now is how many companies are there and how to count? All registered companies? All companies with more than one employee? All listed companies? In total, there appear to be about 92000 publicly traded/listed companies (1) and own research has shown that there are about 45,000,000 registered companies (2) worldwide. We think the second number is the right one for us – We find that LUCY deserves 45 million customers : -)


(1) Listed Companies / Businesses:

(2) How many companies worldwide: Own calculation based on EconStats figures, You can download the research here as an csv File (2018) .


LUCY Connect User Group Conference 2018

Register now to the LUCY User Conference October 18, 2018

We’re proud to announce the LUCY User Group Congress and Cyber Prevention Summit! We received a dream rating of 3.9 out of 4 for last year’s event 🙂 .  We are delighted to be able to hold this event again and are very grateful that the summit will take place on Robert Bosch’s IT campus. The all-day event will be in Stuttgart on 18 October. For guests arriving the evening before, a welcome event is organised.

Security is always joint effort. This is exactly the case in the fight against cybercrime. Being part of a strong community helps everyone. LUCY Connect, as a summit for Cyber Prevention, aims to strengthen all stakeholders: learn and gain insights from each other and share experiences. Meet our engineers and submit your development requests for LUCY directly to them, learn details about future product releases and benefit from the unique network of the LUCY customer base.

Oct 18, 2018, 9.30 am – 5pm, followed by a Social Event – Register now! A detailed programme to be announced in March 2018.


LUCY CustomerCertified Ecosystem Partner


The event will take place in the brand new IT campus. It is the new headquarters of Bosch IT worldwide.:


Call for Papers

Speaker proposals can be registered by e-mail or by using the contact form, until April 15, 2018. Please write to us. Attendance is free of charge.

Registration for the LUCY Connect Cyberprevention Summit and User Conference is open until October 12.


LUCY connect is brilliant, please repeat it!

S.M., Switzerland


Best Blogposts 2017

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

When we look back on 2017, it is really hard to grasp all the transformations in which our world finds itself. Blockchain, the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine in the car, autonomous drone deliveries and global malware attacks were in the spotlight in 2017. Technology changes the world. LUCY Security is also a technology company and we look back to the end of the year, which were the five most popular blog posts that were in our spotlight.


1st Place: Setup Phishing attack – Your first Phishing simulation

Setup your own Phishing attack within minutes due template based wizards. If you want to find out how vulnerable your people are to phishing scams , you should opt for the powerful and free LUCY Community Edition. Watch the screencast how it’s done.


2nd Place: It takes you 2 Minutes to create and send out a Ransomware Simulation

Setup and execute a Ransomware attack simulation in just two minutes thank to LUCY Server. The software provides different infrastructure assessment templates for malware simulations. You can check until what extend a ransomware attack would be possible in your organization. In addition there is a ransomware alike phishing attack template available who locks the users computer.


3rd Place: The Who is Who in Information Security

An overview and ranking of the 150+ most influencial blogs  and content contributors in the area of Cyber Security: This article includes rankings based on the Alexa position and based on Twitter followers. The full study can be downloaded in PDF format.


4th Place: Create an Run Malware Simulations with LUCY Server

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more! Have a look on the 5 videos!


No. 5: New or Improved Testing and Learning Content with the Phishing Awareness and Attack Scenario Update

New Phishing Awareness Training Content and updated Attack Scenarios. We put our spare time into producing new and highly valuable phishing awareness training content: Videos, Courses and even Exams.  Read the full article.


We are pleased that our video contributions have been particularly well received by our readers. We would like to thank our loyal readers and wish everyone a great 2018!






Vote for LUCY at the Cyber Security Awards 2018

Help us with one click! Cyber Security Awards 2018

We ask you for support: Vote for LUCY in the Cyber Security Awards 2018! (Quicklink here)

Vote for LUCY at the Cyber Security Awards 2018: Picture with a beautiful landscape in SwitzerlandThe community, the opinions of our users and the support of the base are very important to us. We take our environment seriously and that’s why we have invented a LUCY User Group. Why? Because we are convinced that not only a top product is needed, but also a good environment in order to be able to compete successfully on the market.

Awards or prizes are not vital for survival, but they represent our position on the market to a certain extent. It is also fun and enjoyable to not only maintain satisfied and win new customers, but also to win a prize from time to time!

That’s why we ask you for supporting us, we are happy about your vote! Hopefully LUCY will become a finalist of the Cyber Security Awards 2018!!

Happy Phishing and Training, Oliver & Palo


100% of those present want to participate again! A brief review of the LUCY Connect User Conference 2017

With a dream rating of 3.9 (out of 4) and more than 73% of feature requests put on the the development list, the first LUCY User Group conference was a complete success!


During the it-sa fair in Nuremberg on 10.10.2017 the first event with active customer participation was held as the first international cyber prevention summit.

Company Key Note from Robert Bosch

“Cyber Resilience as a Silver Bullet?” The keynote presentation by Patrick Zeller from Robert Bosch GmbH on the topic Cyber Resilience (Wikipedia) was very interesting and enriching. It showed that a modern security dispositive must necessarily expect successful security incidents. In order to ensure the security and ultimately the integrity of the IT landscape, state-of-the-art security concepts and their implementation must be

  • Based on realistic assumptions and possibilities,
  • Holistic (i. e. all-embracing, the whole IT-Landscape) and
  • Being able to react dynamically to a wide variety of threat scenarios when dealing with them.

Outlook on future LUCY versions, exchange of experience and development proposals – Following the keynote speech, LUCY founder Oliver Münchow gave an insight into the development focus of future LUCY versions. The further development of the LUCY server, especially with regard to the functionalities around the “Behavorial E-Mail Threat Management” (BTM) was well received. In joint workshops, best practices and experiences in dealing with phishing tests, employee awareness measures and best practices related to technical configuration aspects of the LUCY server in data center environments were exchanged.

73% of the submitted development requests for LUCY servers were included in the development list – the workshop part was completed with the collection of development requests for new LUCY features. Not only feature requests were collected, but the heads of LUCY development  also determined which development requests are effectively transferred to the development list! The customer input was so good that 73% of the development requests from LUCY Connect participants were transferred to the customer list.

Impressive results of the LUCY Connect satisfaction survey – The results of the satisfaction survey of the first user conference on cyber prevention, awareness and security testing speak for themselves:

We are proud to have received such a great feedback! Thank you very much.


Virtual LUCY Connect / LUCY Connect @ RSA2018 / LUCY Connect Europe 2018 – The positive feedback from LUCY Security and our LUCY Eco System Partners has encouraged us to continue supporting the customer base and the community. Safety is always a collective achievement! And the integration in a strong community helps Allen.

That’s why the LUCY Connect is being continued: In January 2018, a first attempt with a virtual edition of the LUCY Connect will be launched. In April 2018, the first North American LUCY Connect will be held as part of the RSA Conference San Francisco, before the second European event will take place in the summer of 2018.


About LUCY Connect – LUCY Connect as a user conference and cyber prevention summit is to strengthen all participants: learn from the experiences of other users at workshops, share your development wishes for LUCY, find out intimate details about future product versions and benefit from the unique network of the LUCY Community. Find out more on the conference website.

Infosec trade shows are not dead!

Have IT fairs become obsolete? No, absolutely not! [Video]

Unexpectedly high visitor interest for the LUCY Testing and Awareness Server at it-sa 2017.

Three days in Nuremberg. Three people at the booth. There’s always something going on. Demos are made, questions answered and business cards exchanged. Lunchtime will be cancelled and at the end of the first day the first printed matter will be sold out.  The young company LUCY Security started to exhibit at IT-Security fairs / tradeshows in year 3 of its existence. The stand at this year’s it-sa is already the fourth appearance of this year. Every exhibition has been a success so far! The interest was great everywhere, you could make a lot more LUCY presentations than normal and you could feel the pulse of the market at every trade show!

Itsa – The pulse of the information security market is pounding! Or maybe he’s even furious. With 630 exhibitors and just under 13,000 visitors, the it-sa trade fair 2017 in Nuremberg was able to record an increase of more than 25% in both key figures compared to the previous year! All of these visitors felt at LUCY’s stand; -) In any case, the interest was enormous and we don’t regret the decision to exhibit at the probably most important European Security Fair in any way.

LUCY Security is on the right track with its product: Employee awareness will become a key InfoSec topic of the year 2018, we are convinced! The 45 seconds clip below gives a good impression of the fair:


The LUCY Security exhibition calendar 2017:

  1. SIGS Technology Conference, Regensdorf, Switzerland.
  2. Public IT Security Conference (PITS, 12 und 13 September, Berlin, Germany (Messebeitrag / Presentation: „Strategies against Social Engineering”).
  3. Internet Security Days, Fantasialand Brühl, Germany.
  4. it-sa 2017, 10.10.2017 – 12.10.2017, Nürnberg, Germany (Press Release: Growth).
  5. Swiss Green Economy Symposium 2017 (SGES), 30.10.2017, Winterthur, Switzerland.


Coming next

….and it-sa 2018: We’ll be back!