Print Certificates of Attendance after a successful CBT

The LUCY Cyber Prevention Server also print Certificates of Attendance! Graduates of a LUCY Training can print out or have their course diploma sent to them at the end.

If a user has completed an eLearning module of LUCY, the user receives a course certificate upon successful completion. This function can be configured when setting up the awareness training campaign, as well as the percentage of correct quiz questions required. An email will be sent to the user after the course. This then allows the course graduate to download the PDF certificate document. Alternatively, the certificates can be retrieved in the ‘End-User Learning Portal’ of the LUCY Server.

All CBT modules containing quiz questions can be enabled with the certificate of attendance function. We wish you a lot of fun with IT Security Awareness trainings and Phishing Simulations with LUCY Server!

— Print a Certificate of Attendance with LUCY —


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