Create and Execute a Phishing Scam in 2 Minutes – Simulations with LUCY

Fast track: Setup and run a phishing scam attack simulation in just two minutes thank to LUCY Server.
Yes it is possible! You can set up and start a phishing scam in just two minutes. Thank to more than seventy different campaign templates you can boost your productivity. Of course you will take more time in real life, because you will certainly prepare your it-security awareness campaigns in an serious and professional manner. But two minutes are enough to show you the power of LUCY!

Phishing Scam Attack Simulation – The Steps:

  1. Create, name and save a new campaign (e.g. Phishing Scam)
  2. Create a new scenario for the phishing scam simulation: Select f. e.   the web-based template “Survey”.
  3. Name the scenario, configure the base settings and save the scenario.
  4. Edit the landing page of the scenario and save it.
  5. Edit the message template of the scenario, add sender informations and save it.
  6. Press the “Play” button |> to get to the Dashboard
  7. Add to the campaign recipients by adding an adress group. Link the scenario created before to the adress group witch using the ‘Scenarios’ check box  and save it.
  8. Start the phishing scam simulation using the play button |> , select “real attack”
  9. Wait until the campaign checks are finished, correct warnings or errors if necessary. Warnings are highlighted in yellow, errors are highlighted in red.
  10. Hit the start (anyway) button again, if needed
  11. And you see how the mails are send out!
If you are here: Congratulations, you started a phishing scam simulation!

A Lot of Phishing Scam Templates are Available

LUCY gives you the choice to select out of dozens of predefined phishing scam simulation scenarios. There are templates available for web based scams, email-scams without landing pages, phishing templates including (pseudo-) malicious files and lot more.