The Best Remedy for Cyber Insecurity

The Ransomware explosion of 2016 has not only led to lot of  damage, but also to uncertainty and “cyber insecurity”. This is normal; in the case of new incidents, every person is initially unsure. As with all other uncertainties, experience, education, attitudes and practice also help with cyber insecurity!
Experience – In the case of an incident you are much better prepared when you experienced something similar in the past. Of course, nobody in the Security sector will rely solely on his experience, but experience is certainly the main remedy factor in cyber insecurity.
Education Matters – “Executives and managers responsible for cyber risk management realise that education of their employees has to be a feature of any credible security plan“. A Study named The Meaning of Security in the 21st Century of the Economist Intelligence Unit shows a strong increase in employee awareness training which is another key factor in making a Company or a Government safer.
Attitude – The correct ‘setting’ helps. Many executives believe that vulnerability is a weakness. We say: It depends! It can even be a strength. If, for example, you are hit by a Ransomware attack, but it does not cause any damage, because the hole is immediately stuffed and a current backup is played back, then a short breakdown can cost much less than the costs for a multiple redundant total protection. Of course, this does not apply to cases such as the theft of customer data etc. Here, vulnerability is an absolute no-go. But if you have the right attitude, it helps not only in cyber insecurity, but also in costs. And: You will never be able to protect everything completely.
The Economist Intelligence Unit Study reports  a weakness in attitude and perception among governments. Administrations are not giving enough priority to the issue of cybersecurity and cybercrime today (2017), ie the wrong attitude.
Cyber Insecurity: Administrations are not giving enough priority to the issue of cybersecurity and cybercrime today (2017), ie the wrong attitude.
Practice makes perfect. What else is there to say? Whoever does not practice has no experience, remains theorist and remains cyber insecure. That’s why we recommend LUCY-Server. You can start to practice right away: Simulate cyber attacks like Ransomware or a malware attack. Train your employees with phishing simulations and constantly check your network for weak points with LUCYs “LHFC”. And we nearly forgot – There’s a lot of educational CBT or eLeaning content out of the box!

All that helps against Cyber-Insecurity 🙂 – Give LUCY a try and ask for a Demo!

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