Biggest Cyber Security Threat 2017

What is the Biggest Cyber Security Threat this Year?

When Artficial Intelligence becomes Criminal or your Fingerprint gets Hacked and eighty other Nightmares in (cyber)crime.

In his blog post “Cyber Security Threat 2017” Deepak Kumar has published the answers of his survey on possible cyberspace threats. Nearly 90 answers read like a template for Mr. Robot’s next season. Here are a few examples:

1984 – Governments around the world are finally turning into “Big Brother”

US companies are now legally required to provide the US government with any data it requires. Similar legislation may follow in other countries as governments, highly sensitive to risks such as terrorism, try to get ‘control’ over the data that resides in their multi-national corporations. This is a huge risk to businesses, as it puts them at the mercy of government policy.

2001 – When artificial intelligence becomes evil

Criminal AI :“Because of its potentially catastrophic ability to learn and adapt without re-programming, making an AI criminal attack very difficult to trace and deflect and to stop criminals who use this software.”

0 confidence – If your fingerprint is no longer safe

Biometric authentication: “A password can be changed, but a face, fingerprint or voice isn’t so easy to change if that data is breached and replicated. As an industry we need watertight methods of storing this data securely before we play with people’s identities.”

In the original contribution, many professionals have shared their reflections and fears. We are not the friend of “FUD” (Fear, uncertainty and doubt), but the possible threats described in the blog are, according to our opinion, quite realistic and give us to think….


Read more possible (cyber) horror scenarios in the future:

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