Darkweb Research with LUCY

Darkweb Research from LUCY

Did you want to know if there is a data outflow of your company? With our Darkweb Research we bring employee or company data to the surface. Our new  Deep Web analysis service examines what information about a company can be found in public and closed networks. Information from various sources is screened automatically and manually:

  • Pages in the Darknet (e.g. Tor Pages),
  • Forums,
  • Chats (IRC etc.),
  • Dump bots,
  • Cloud Storage
  • others

This makes it possible to ascertain whether and which business-relevant information exists outside the company’s boundaries. The effort required for this depends on the desired scope of examination.

Automated Darknet Research in LUCY Server

In the near future the LUCY software will be equipped with automated analysis mechanisms. The LUCY Deep Web analysis framework enables search queries by the end user. The new functionality will greatly automate Darkweb Research. End users and LUCY administrators will be able to quickly and efficiently determine whether critical data has left the company boundaries. It is obvious that the LUCY server functionality cannot completely replace manual Darknet research. In such actions, the human mind is still very important. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also not be able to completely replace humans in Darknet Research.


Monitor your company and your brand with our new service. Successful companies do well to constantly monitor cyberspace. The automated and recurring scans of LUCY allow the regular control of

  • Darknet,
  • Deep Web,
  • Social media,
  • App Stores
  • and other sources.

The service offer is individually configurable.


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