LUCY is looking for investors. Want to become a shareholder?

Do you want to become a LUCY shareholder?

Unique investment opportunity in LUCY Security AG, the cyber crime prevention company! 

  • We are looking for investors.
  • Forward this mail with a recommendation to your investment department.
  • If you have direct contact with other investors, then recommend LUCY Security. Thank you.

LUCY Server has been installed over 6000 times. The Swiss company with its incomparable software product is on the way to global success. Become part of it!

In its fourth year of existence, LUCY is expected to generate seven digit sales figures. We have not had a financing round so far and the company is debt-free. Since its launch in 2015, we could manage a yearly organic growth of some 100%. The cyber prevention market is on the move. For us it is proven that the disruptive business model of LUCY Security will revolutionize the market. This market is currently close to USD 5 billion and is growing at over 13% per year.

We already have investment promises, especially we are looking for a lead investor with a stake of > 500k. Further details can be found in the enclosed teaser.

  1. Are you interested? Then please contact me! Mail: palo (at)
  2. If your company has an investment department, we would be very grateful for a recommendation ☺
  3. If you know someone who might be interested, please tell them about this unique opportunity!

Thank you for your support. Kind regards from sunny Switzerland,

Palo Stacho, Co-Founder


We make Cyber Prevention an Simulated Internet Attacks available and affordable to everybody!

LUCY Security Zug (CH) – Austin (TX)



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