The automated LUCY E-Mail Risk Score

Simplified detection of dangerous emails and massive relief of the security team. The LUCY Email Risk Score as the defining feature of the Threat Analyzer module.

The “Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report“, makes it clear: “…In many cases, their security teams can investigate only half the security alerts they receive on a given day.” This is where the Threat Analyzer provides a remedy and relieves the security team of routine work! Why? – Because users can now have suspicious mail in your inbox checked by LUCY.

Threat Analyzer & Email Risk Score – How it works: LUCYs  Threat Analyzer module allows efficient threat management and risk analysis of e-mails who have been submitted by users using the Phishing Incident Plugin for MS-Outlook. The LUCY Risk Score is calculated by the LUCY Server: Internal databases and predefined, custom IT security rules are combined with external threat information. This results in the world’s first multi-level analysis algorithm and of the visualization  of a particularly meaningful key figure – the LUCY Mail Risk Score. First, the header data of the message is inspected. This is followed by the investigation of the message body. Subsequently, the trustworthiness of the sender as well as of the dispatch route are checked and finally the internal security rules are applied. The results are shown in a comprehensive KPI:

LUCY Email Risk Score - Visualization how risky emails are

In short: Users can submit suspicious / risky emails using the phishing incident plugin for Outlook. The mail is delivered to the LUCY Threat Console. Then the Treat Analyzer starts the work with:

  • Header Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • Application of custom, predefined rules.

And then everything is visualized in the Email Risk Score!

A part of the LUCY Threat Analyzer & Incident Console

The described functionality is an integral part of the LUCYs Threat Analyzer, which is available in the LUCY “Business Edition” and higher versions.

Cyberprevention using LUCYs Threat Analyzer - Domain Analysis determs e-mail risk

Threat Analyzer as part of the Incident Console – Domain analysis helpst to determ the E-Mail Risk

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