Have you ever been phished using a game?

When it comes to playing, many people are often unreasonable. A new LUCY Mock Phishing Attack Scenario is trying to take advantage of this fact. In the “Flupy” game, employees can try to win movie tickets. Unfortunately they are becoming the ‘victim’ of a phishing simulation.

Get phished using an online gameThis is once a little different IT security awareness campaign . We find, you can also bring a little humor and fun into this really very serious topic.

Otherwise there are different attack template types available. The Flupy Phishing Attack template is a classical web based attack type. People are directed to a landing page, where they are enticed to enter their user data.

Of course there are other Attack Types available: File based attack templates (Scenarios with customizable attachments) or hyperlink scenarios are also available. A special Attack type are USB /DVD based Mock Phish Attacks. LUCY even allows to create ISO Format DVDs with ‘attack files’ on it.

And of course you can mix the different attack types together in one big, sophisticated campaign.

We wish you lots of success with phishing simulations with LUCY!

LUCY provides many more realistic phishing attack templates. Have a look!


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