Free Security Awareness Posters for your personal usage

Nearly 70 new educational posters for printing and hanging – freely modifiable and available in two different versions. This is simple and effective employee sensitisation for security awareness.

educational awareness poster for free usage - photo

Educational Poster: Photo

educational awareness poster for free usage - illustration

Educational Poster: Illustration

The LUCY Software contains the posters also in the source format (Adobe Illustrator). You can revise and modify the posters according to your ideas. It’s that simple!

Two versions: The posters are available as illustrations and as photo posters. If you would like to edit the poster in the LUCY server or process it further for printing, please click on the navigation point Content template on the left, then click on the button Upload file or image in the visual editor. In the Image Info tab, click on the search server to download the Adobe Illustrator file.

Bring useful variety to your offices. Hang awareness posters. Change them from time to time. With over 60 templates included for free in the LUCY software, it’s no big deal!



Free Awareness Posters: Following topics are actually available:

01. Lock your device (Photo)
02. Lock your device (Illustration)
03. Sharing Information (Photo)
04. Sharing Information (Illustration)
05. Identify Theft (Photo)
06. Mobile Device Security (Illustration)
07. Surfing unknown websites (Illustration)
08. Surfing unknown websites (Photo)
09. Don’t share private info (Illustration)
10. protect client’s data (Illustration)
11. Identify Theft (Illustration)
12. Secure your mobile device (Illustration)
13. Verify client’s data (Illustration)
14. Build Security Block by Block (Photo)
15. Protect client’s data II (Illustration)
16. Spot the threat (Illustration)
17. Social Media Security (Photo)
18. Security depends on you (Illustration)
19. Protect patient data (Photo)
20. Secure your mobile device (Photo)
21. Our security depends on you (Photo)
22. Secure Payment (Photo)
23. Monitor transactions (Photo)
24. Protect customer’s data II (Photo)
25. Don’t take the bait (Photo)
26. Don’t take the bait (Illustration)
27. Become a human firewall (Illustration)
28. Become a human firewall (Photo)
29. Verify all transations (Illustration)
30. Impersonating institutions (Photo)
31. Be cautious of phishing (Illustration)
32. Be cautious of phishing 2 (Illustration)
33. Password Security (Illustration)
34. Danger of sharing on social media (Photo)
35. Insecured Wi-Fi (Photo)
36. Spoofing & Phishing (Illustration)
37. Whispering (Photo)
38. Bubble (Illustration)
39. Build Security Block (Illustration)
40. Coffee Shop (Illustration)
41. Call center (Photo)
42. Call center person (Photo)
43. Call center person (Illustration)
44. Bubble (Photo)
45. Card (Photo)
46. Coffee Shop 2 (Photo)
47. Coffee Shop (Photo)
48. Crazy Businessman (Illustration)
49. Private (Illustration)
50. One Device (Photo)
51. Personal Info (Photo)
52. Password Mobile (Illustration)
53. One Device (Illustration)
54. Mobile Device Security (Photo)
55. Protect patient data (Illustration)
56. Password Mobile (Photo)
57. Personal Info (Illustration)
58. Spam 2 (Photo)
59. Spam 2 (Illustration)
60. Spam (Photo)
61. Transaction (Illustration)
62. Sticky Note (Photo)
63. Sticky Note (Illustration)
64. Whispering (Illustration)
65. Transaction (Photo)
66. Identity Theft 2 (Photo)
67. Crazy Businessman (Photo)

At LUCY we are constantly delivering new security awareness content and the updates come for free! 


So that’s it  🙂  Keep on enjoying LUCY Server and our Security Awareness Training Content

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