Watch the GDPR Data Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation Course [Video]

LUCY Learning Content – Our interactive GDPR course

This course aims to provide a comprehensive guide about how and why the Data Protection regulations should be put into practice in your workplace. It also explains what will happen if you don’t follow the rules.

Where do you find this course? It’s located as an awareness training in LUCY Server, but you can export the GDPR-Training as a SCORM-File and use it in any other Learning Management Solution.

The GDPR Course has seven sections or lessons

  1. In the first lesson of the GDPR Course you will learn the background of data protection and why it’s important. Key terms and exceptions are explained. In addition, you will learn some practical tips.
  2. In the second lesson, you will learn what the General Data Protection Regulation actually is, where it’s applied and what its basic purpose is.
  3. The third lesson shows a little more in detail for whom GDPR applies. Who is particularly affected?
  4. Chapter four deals with key definitions, for example the difference between personal data and sensitive data, what a recipient – or – what a data subject is. At the end of lesson 4 you will complete a short quiz.
  5. In the fifth lesson, you learn about exemptions from GDPR: – The data processor must disclose information when it comes to prosecuting a criminal offence, to name just one example in the course. And at the end of the lesson you will complete a short exercise.
  6. In the sixth part of the training you will learn the 9 principles on which GDPR is based.
  7. In the last and the biggest course part you will learn the real basics: How and in what way can personal data be collected and processed? Who needs to be informed and how? What is NOT allowed to do with the data? Who needs to be informed in case of a data breach and other security incidents?

Have a look at our second GDPR webcast. There you can see how such training courses can be set up within minutes and rolled out throughout the whole company. And: The software currently has fifty other modules for security training!

Thank you and have fun using LUCY! – Do you like our tool? Let us know if yes please! Thanks!

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