GDPR is met: LUCY is the most secure IT security awareness system!

GDPR is no problem for LUCY and its customers. The LUCY server is secure and the customer data is protected, the personal data can also be kept anonymous.

GDPR places high demands on the providers of anti-phishing solutions. Security has always been a top priority at LUCY Phishing Server. The design decision to offer a locally installable standard product despite the cloud hype was clearly due to the security needs of many customers.

Also secure cloud solution – Since LUCY server is heavily automized, it is not an issue to run thousands of separated cloud instances. Each LUCY Cloud instance is a private server to which only the customer has access and where the data is as secure as if you were in a protected corporate network. Because

->Data storage is encrypted
->LUCY supports the complete anonymization of personal data
->Each installation is a closed system and belongs to the customer.

Extended security mechanisms – For the individual protection of a LUCY server, extended security mechanisms can be set up and used for system protection:

  • Restricted network-based access to LUCY
  • Secure and restricted user access
  • Safe setup of LUCY in a DMZ or SSZ
  • Secure (and anonymous) storage of data
  • Secure communication channels
  • Transparent network communication
  • Secure Remote Support
  • Regular updates of the application and operating system
  • Custom Admin URL for Administrator GUIs
  • Ability to monitor all system activities
  • And the ability to monitor the system in real time

and LUCY’s cloud servers are located in ISO27001 certified data centers. More information about security can be found in our wiki:

LUCY has no problems with GDPR and data security – it is the safest cybersecurity awareness solution!

Secure employee awareness training with LUCY Server: employee training, phishing simulations, self-executable infrastructure asessements and efficient alerting with the phishing alarm button. Dozens of templates and many training videos are included! The software is compliant to GDPR data privacy laws.

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