Hacker attacks: prevention is urgently needed

The WannyaCry and Gdrive attacks make it clear: Cyberprevention is urgently needed for big and small organisations.
Zurich (June-5-2017)

  • Most successful cyber-attacks are carried out through the careless actions by employees.
  • Simulated cyber attacks and security education become a real need for companies of all sizes.
  • Till now, professional IT-Security awareness solutions are still expensive and are only available for large companies.
  • The world novelty LRS (Lucy Risk Score) calculates the risk probability for each email and enables users to visually identify dangers.
  • The LUCY Phishing, Training and Alerting Server is available free of charge for SMEs of up to 50 employees.
  • LUCY Server V3.5 contains a worldwide innovation that has an integrated threat analysis, with the help of the Lucy Risk Score, which spots e-mail threats and makes them visible and easily identifiable.

The cyber-attacks against smaller, less well-protected companies have greatly increased in recent months – attacks from the last weeks are just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to these attacks, criminals are of course also able to get at big companies. The most important protection barrier and the most popular attack target is the human being as a user and co-worker, who without any malicious intent, opens the virtual door to the company for cyber criminals.

The LUCY-Server product has been on the market for two years, and enables companies to perform realistic cyber-attack simulations such as phishing campaigns or USB attacks for educational and training purposes, not only to protect themselves, but to achieve effective prevention. The parallel awareness programs that increase employee safety and the IT security checks on the computer side have also been part of the scope of services since the beginning.

Such a combined offer is unique worldwide.

At the end of 2016, the “Phishing Incident Plugin for Microsoft Outlook” introduced a notification procedure with a built-in workflow, for reporting suspicious e-mails. This plug-in is new with version 3.5 available for all commercial editions of LUCY and it is therefore also accessible and affordable to small companies now. Together with the Threat Analyzer, there is a comprehensive threat and risk analysis of received e-mails.

LUCY uses the Phish Risk Score to calculate the threat probability for each e-mail and makes them visible, in order to ensure that both trained and untrained users are better protected. This innovation is the world’s first multi-level analysis of suspicious emails and it allows the issuing of a particularly meaningful key figure LRS (LUCY Risk Score).

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LUCY Security is a Swiss company with customers in over 50 countries. Its product LUCY Server enables companies to perform realistic cyber-attack simulations. At the same time, customized awareness programs and incident alerting tools can be used to increase cyber security. For the first time, the LUCY server makes cyber protection in the form of a standardized product that’s affordable for all. A free Community Edition is available. Customers can now test and improve their IT security without special knowledge! – www.lucysecurity.com