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Hot topic WannaCry: Significant response to LUCY in the Swiss business and Sunday press

Zürich-Thalwil, 20. Mai 2017 – The global WannaCry attack has put the issue of ransomware and malware countermeasures in the public focus. LUCY is now acknowledged in the leading media of the Swiss press as one of the pillars in the fight against cycled crime!

The economic crime now takes place in Cyberspace. This has now become clear to all. The most important point of defense as well as attack are the people, whether as an employee or private individual.

In the past, safety systems and large companies were the focus of attention. People were neglected and the SMEs were not yet interesting for the criminals. That has changed, even before WannaCry small companies have been increasingly blackmailed with Ransomware. In the meantime the ransom came down to about 600 USD / 400 EUR. This is a price the small companies can pay. Now the first background reports on the cybercrime wave 2017 were published in the Swiss press: The “Handelszeitung” on 18 May and  the “Schweiz am Wochenende” on 20 May 2017 published long articles and both newspapers address exactly the above topics. We are very pleased that employee awareness and phishing simulations will be publicly addressed to the benefit of the employees!

Of course, we recommend the following articles (in German):


Was ist LUCY ?

About: LUCY-Security is a Swiss company with customers in more than 50 countries. Its product LUCY Server allows companies to perform realistic cyber attack simulations. At the same time, customized awareness programs and incident alerting tools can be used to increase cyber security. For the first time, the LUCY server makes cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product affordable for all. Customers can now test and improve their IT security without special knowledge!

For more information please call Palo under +41 44 557 19 37 or write him a mail under palo (a t) lucysecurity (d ot) com. Thank you.


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