Find out how many of these potentially dangerous file types are allowed through to your network

You think that no such files reach your network or the mailbox of your employees? We don’t think so, because in that case you’d be cut off from the rest of the world. The automated mail and web filter test shows you which files and which contents reach your company network unhindered.

What’s going through? This is a frequently placed order or task, which our security specialists receive during IT security audits. The fact is that most organizations do not know whether and which mails with obscene content or messages with a given PDF exploit are effectively blocked or not.

If you want to answer the question reliably, you have to test all potentially dangerous file types, because sometimes the firewall filters out a message, otherwise it is a gateway device or the mail server itself. To do such a ‘delivery control’ manually is actually no problem. The corresponding file lists on the Internet provide information about potentially dangerous or manipulable file formats. You can use these and then use these lists to create a test scenario for

  • Sending the mail or
  • Check if they can be accessed and downloaded via browser

But the effort to do that is considerable. And then comes the problem that the actuality of such tests quickly becomes obsolete. Old loopholes and sources of danger are eliminated and new ones are created.

Therefore, a standardized, automated mail and web filter test is required! On the one hand, this can massively reduce the effort required for the test. On the other hand, professional and central maintenance ensures that the test is  always up to date.

New infrastructure test in LUCY Server: Mail and Web Filter Test (MWF)

LUCY Technology Assessements Category "Mail & Web Test"

With this MWF test, anyone can now check their network environment and email infrastructure for vulnerability – or rather permeability – to potentially dangerous file types and content. As is usual with LUCY Server, the whole process is prepared for the end user and easy to operate.

The user can decide whether he wants to do the complete test – for the mail infrastructure and for the browser download of various file types and contents. Alternatively, the LUCY system allows the test to be easily split into packages. This division is offered as standard, a further refinement is possible:


  • Dangerous File Types in archives
  • Files containing ‘Profanity’ (Sexual or rascist or other content)
  • Harmless Level 3 Files
  • Encrypted Class 1 Files
  • PDF & Office Exploits
  • Files containing obfuscated malware
  • Files containing harmless macros
  • Dangerous file types

A mail and web test campaign is set up within minutes and the test can start immediately! Here are some screenshots of the LUCY system, which give an insight into an ongoing test. Further detailed information is available in our LUCY WIKI!


Have fun with the LUCY-Server – We make cyber prevention affordable and available for everyone!



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