Lucy 2.0 out

July 2nd 2015 / Thalwil. We are excited to announce Lucy 2.0! VMware Workstation, VMWare ESXi, VirtualBox images and Debian installer are available for download on the Lucy website, new Amazon EC2 image is available as well. If you are using the commercial license, please update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy.

Update notes:

  • Saving/restoring whole campaign
  • Report customization
  • System performance test
  • Import landing pages from ZIP file
  • Landing page editor: insert trojan simulation
  • Landing page editor: insert trackable PDF
  • Downloading remote images for email templates
  • Ability to install patches/updates through upload form (useful for restricted environments)
  • Shell installer for Debian/Ubuntu
  • VMWare ESXi image


About: LUCY Phishing GmbH is a Swiss company with national and international clientele. Its product LUCY Server allows companies to perform realistic Internet attack simulations. and customized awareness programs. LUCY server makes cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product affordable for all.


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