LUCY Software is an Security Awareness System with an integrated Learning Management System LMS and with Debian 9.5

New LUCY 4.3 brings a full blown LMS and Debian 9.5

LUCY V4.3 brings 
  1. The Learning Management System (LMS) has reached full capacity. It includes now the advanced education portal functionality for end users: This feature allows users/victims to log into Lucy on their own and track their progress over multiple campaigns/trainings
  2. A brand new Campaign Wizard
  3. 2-Factor Authentication for Lucy Users and Admins
  4. A new Training Type named Training Library: This feature introduces the ability to offer recipients a library of training materials, compiled of various awareness templates in LUCY Server
  5. The Software runs now on Debian Linux 9.5

Already at the end of September 2018 we have started the rollout of LUCY 4.3. The image is available on


The latest version of LUCY Server offers many interesting functional enhancements and improvements: A new wizard is available to make your first campaigns even easier. A two-factor authentication is now available for end users. Our LMS is now fully functional and has now the desired scope so that you don’t need an additional learning management system anymore. For the trainings there is now a real training portal, in which the user can manage his trainings and follow his learning progress. Especially we would like to point our new “Awareness Training Library”, where the end user can individually select his own training from a whole library of training modules. And there are even more new features worth to mention:

  • Threat analysis for endusers
  • Add attachments to PDF
  • User reputation report
  • Disk usage tracking
  • Block search engine networks from accessing Lucy
  • Incident center with Filter, Search and Sort
  • CSV, PDF export of Mail & Web Filter Test results
  • Campaign message log: search and filter


Linux Upgrade

The most far-reaching change is the upgrade of the operating system to Debian Linux 9.5 Stretch. This measure was necessary to ensure maintainability and to maintain system security, as this guarantees security updates for the OS until 2022.

All customers using a system hosted by LUCY have already been contacted or will be contacted directly by our support. Customers who use LUCY as VMware, VirtualBox or AWS appliance have an automated upgrade routine available for the update.

Customers who have installed LUCY natively on Debian, using a Docker container, will get an automated upgrade as well. Customers with native installations without Docker please contact our support as well. An appointment must be made to perform the manual upgrade.

Contact support in case of problems – We hope to have served with this information. If you have any problems with the upgrade, please do not hesitate to open a ticket directly at support (at) lucysecurity (dot) com. Note that no campaigns can run at the upgrade time and that the server is restarted during the upgrade.

Fixed Bugs in LUCY Software V 4.3

And we fixed a lot:

  • 4.3 Awareness Delay Bug
  • 4.3 Hyperlink Template show landing page
  • 4.3 mail and webfilter display issue
  • Admin port configuration bug
  • Annymous not working for downloads
  • Anonymisation bug fix
  • Apache: Syntax error in apache2.conf while doing graceful restart
  • API recipient-group mapping to campaign fails
  • Awareness certificate generation page
  • AwarenessCertificateJob: runs after stopping any campaign
  • Campaign comparison: recipients bug
  • Campaign Restart & Reset Stats button
  • Campaign Restart not working
  • Campaign Test Run feature: tracking clicks isn’t working in ‘Awareness only’
  • Campaign.recipient_count out of sync
  • CampaignManager.getRunning / getRunningCount bugs
  • Console Post shows empty GUI
  • Constantly running getIpJob
  • Correctly mark simulation reports for stopped campaigns
  • Divided by zero bug
  • DocX report Bug
  • Download Template: Hide Installed is ignored when Check All available is ticked
  • Download templates error
  • Download Templates: Lucy is unable to get ‘updated’ (new) templates
  • Empty report arrives if the option After I stop the campaign send me a report to.. is enabled
  • End User Profile page: available training / History gives a 404
  • Error 500 when downloading campaign template
  • Error downloading user certificate
  • Error in UI when using 2FA
  • Exception on saving Scenario settings
  • Fix awareness cert
  • Fix bug in edit scenario template
  • Fix LDAP bug
  • Fix remaining errors from QA
  • Forgot password
  • Generate Report bug: showDateTime method is missing
  • In the download links files the wrong choice of ip / domain is used
  • Incident Management: download message received by SMTP
  • LDAP cannot be deactivated
  • Lucy is unable to change timezone
  • Lucy Outlook Button: Server Address could not be resolved
  • Mail & Web test – file names bug
  • Mail and webfiltertest: not possible to rename the campaign name
  • Mail Settings resets after insatalling 4.3
  • Migration tool: bugs
  • Migration Tool: empty campaign bug
  • Modifying scheduler rule issue
  • MWF: remove options from scenario and template
  • MX check error
  • Not possible to bind recipients to a campaign
  • O365: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header
  • Outlook plugin download fix
  • Password recovery does not work for any user
  • PDF attachment fixes
  • Portable media attack fixes
  • Property VictimCustomFieldForm.value is not defined
  • Recipients: Copy&Delete buttons unavailable in Internet Explorer
  • Recipients: Select All > Delete leads to system failure
  • Reflective Master/Slave
  • Reminders: FATAL (Exited too quickly)
  • Remove stat fields from Campaign and CampaignScenario
  • Report: Error generating image (custom admin port)
  • Reputation levels: default icon
  • Request failed try again when saving Message Tempalate
  • Scenario Stats : Show All button
  • Scheduler: when start\end have the same time then the plan is not created
  • SCORM Export bug
  • SCORM export: language selection
  • Spoofing Test: could not resolve
  • SSL for Lucy console when custom port is used
  • Stats calculation error
  • Temporary folder bugs
  • Test Run: Email tracking breaks the campaign
  • Translation Bug fix
  • Undefined variable: ip

Have fun using LUCY! Let us know if you like something or if you are still missing some functionality.

We’ll document everything in our LUCY – WIKI  as soon we can! Download the LUCY Anti Phishing and Cyber Crime Prevention Software below!


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