LUCY is a company now!

Thalwil, 20 July 2015. The founding of LUCY Phishing GmbH with a share capital of CHF 20,000 has been completed. LUCY is a product provider of a solution for system audits and technical social engineering. With LUCY you can hack yourself and yourself.


Our business idea is worth a company! Almost simultaneously with the launch of LUCY version 2.2, we have now also founded our company (Official annnouncement). We already have several dozen customers in Europe and overseas!

We look forward to our business! For further inquiries please use our contact form, we will come to you immediately.

About: LUCY Phishing GmbH is a Swiss company with national and international clientele. Its product LUCY Server allows companies to perform realistic cyber attack simulations. and customized awareness programs. LUCY server makes cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product affordable for all.

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