LUCY made it! We are finalists for both prizes!

LUCY Security runs for the “Fastest Growing Company” and “Best Awareness Product” at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards. We’re happy to announce that we made it to both final rounds.  The winner will be announced Feb-7th-2017.

LUCY made it to the finals of the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards!We think that LUCY deserves the Cyber Security Excellence Award at least for our awesome product – LUCY Server. Why? Just to tell just a few things: We doubled the number of Features last Year. We shipped 5 big releases in 2016 and the next is coming in February 2017. We added USB attacks in V2.7. Then we integrated multilinguality and 64 Bit Support in V2.8. The next release V2.9 brought a new version of the Malware Simulation Kit and the worlds first Ransomware Simulation to the customers, including an improvement of the awareness training platform. LUCY 3.0 brought an incredible amount of new and cool features:  Java Droppers, Dynamic Server Configuration, Server Monitoring, Advanced Quiz Editors and much more! V 3.1 included Workflows for campaign preparation, LUCY white Labeling, Portable Media Attack Support (CD/DVD) new website stats. And the actual Version – LUCY 3.2 – got even more corporate Features like the SSZ Support, LDAP API Support or the Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook!

And most important: Over 2600 Users downloaded our product in 2016! Awesome!  Thank you! The lists with the finalists are available here:

We’re excited and we’re curious how we will end up 🙂 – We wish a nice Weekend to everybody! LUCY from Switzerland.


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