LUCY Security announces partnership with German IT-Security Provider BWG

IT-Security and the Human Factor

Thalwil (Switzerland), 17.8.2016 – The “human factor” is often one of the weakest links in the IT security chain. Attackers exploit this fact by inducing employees to open e-mail attachments or to navigate to faked company sites where the attackers try to sneak up sensitive data, such as Windows login information. These kinds of exploits doesn’t focus technical vulnerabilities, they focus human behaviours as helpfulness, uncertainty, inattention or obedience to authority. On the other hand attentive employees are simultaneously one of the best protections against external cyber threads.

Phishing Service der BWG mit LUCYPhishing Services from BWG – BWG Systemhaus, a German System Integrator, has recognized the increasing need for Phishing simulations in the market and is offering it as a “Phish as a Service” based on the LUCY platform. The LUCY Phishing & Technology Assessment Server is a product platform, where you can perform simulated phishing and malware attacks for/against a given organization. The solution also includes an integrated e-learning platform for increasing IT-Security awareness. Employees are trained and can be effectively prepared with attractive videos and various quizzes so that they gain an increased readiness to respond on cyber attacks.

bwg-logo-small-transparentLUCY’s German partnership with BWG – LUCY Phishing GmbH announces its partnership with the German BWG Systemhaus Gruppe AG, a powerful system integrator in the field of IT infrastructure, IT security, Medical IT and Managed IT services. The company has close to 100 employees and its headquarters are located in Ettlingen, near Karlsruhe. Other offices are in Stuttgart, Freiberg (Saxony) and Leibzig. Go to the Phishing Services from BWG.

About LUCY – The product enables their users to improve their IT-Security awareness and test their IT defenses. It can be installed locally or in the cloud and includes features such as Phishing simulations, IT security awareness training, SMiShing or “Bad-USB” simulations. Additionally, the solution allows technological assessments and harmless technical scenarios can be run, such as malware attacks or ransomware attacks. The Swiss company was founded in 2015, is based in Thalwil near Zurich and has customers in over 20 countries. A partner network is under construction with certified partner companies in Australia / New Zealand, Germany and Hungary.