LUCY Security recognized as most promising cybersecurity startup 2018

Awards such as ‘Most Promising Cybersecurity startup 2018‘ are not only fun. They also support LUCY in the current investor search as described here. New Cyber Security Players are entering the market!


The ever evolving nature of cyber attacks requires companies to constantly update their corporate security strategies. Best practices used 5 years ago may be outdated today. The same can apply to security companies. There are some companies whose services are no longer as useful or useful today, or are offered at much lower prices elsewhere. It is therefore not surprising that new startups and vendors are constantly appearing in the cyber security environment.


Selection dominated by American Companies – LUCY Security has been on the market with products since 2015. However, the company has been able to retain its start-up character. In the selection of the most promising cyber security startups, the Swiss provider with a branch in Texas is the only one from Europe. The dominance of the USA is considerable: 13 of the 15 selected startups are American companies.

Excellent LUCY portrait helps with your purchase decision – Together with the award a great report about our company and about the performance of the LUCY software was published.  If you mention the purchase of a LUCY license, it is worth reading the article. The article of Startup City Magazine shows why companies should do security awareness and why this should be done with LUCY!

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