Lucy Version 2018 available

BAM! Introducing LUCY V4.0 with Great New Tools

Thalwil (Switzerland), Jan-25-2018 – A new Version of the best Cyberprevention and Awareness Server is available now. Download LUCY 4.0.2 (or higher) with impressive functional enhancements.

2 Highlights – First: The authoring toolkit allows the creation of individual and custom interactive training courses. Only for professional users. And second: Now you can setup individual tranings in an awareness campaign with different courses who are offered depending on the knowledge of the user (Reputation based Learning). And much more. We bundled the work streams for 3.8, 3.9 and 4.0 together because it made sense to provide a bit new major release. Our ramp-up customers already tested the release in late 2017 and the testing period was longer than usual. We just can recommend our best software ever! Download LUCY V4 or update/patch automatically to 4.0.2 or higher.

Release Notes – New Features in V 4.0

Please check our Wiki for more info on some new features:

  • Ability to enable/disable recipients
  • Advanced Export Features
  • Anonymous Mode: Stronger settings, no more reverts
  • Authoring Toolkit (Only for skilled eLearning authors)
  • Awareness report improvement
  • Benchmark and comparison report improvements
  • Campaign export page
  • Campaign summary page improvement
  • Dashboard redesign for heavy campaign users
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Dashboard: add as much as possible space for names
  • Domain registration: New TLDs
  • Download template dialogue: Search and sorting
  • Enduser Training Portal as an individual Learning Management System
  • Extended incident reporting back to Lucy
  • Gender specific addressing
  • Improve additional groups in import
  • Incident Auto Feedback (including Email Riskscore Autoresponder)
  • Incident view improvements
  • IP whitelist
  • LDAP filter improvement
  • Log Improvements (login, logout, create/delete campaign or scenario etc.)
  • Multiple default campaign templates
  • Option for awareness results overwriting
  • Outlook plugin: Additional headers checkbox
  • Outlook plugin: configuration interface
  • Outlook plugin: custom image
  • Outlook plugin: localization support
  • Outlook Plugin: option to remove reports on Lucy emails
  • Outlook plugin: Optional additional headers support
  • Outlook plugin: suppress email option support
  • Predefined Campaign Templates
  • Recipient groups selection in schedule rule
  • Reports: Improving reporting capability (low quality of images in DOCX)
  • Reputation Based eLearning
  • Risk Assessment Campaigns
  • Scheduler randomization
  • Scorm export for Learning/Awareness Content
  • Screen locker Template – send data to server on execution
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Campaign Variables enhancements (including use variables in headers and subject)
  • User reputation in Lucy
  • User-Agent string parser doesn’t identify Windows 10 and EDGE
  • Variable buttons in editor
  • Statistics: New realtime statistics overview
  • Web proxy mode improvement
  • Website Copy: Improvements


LUCY Server makes cyber prevention in the form of a standardized product affordable for all.

About: LUCY Security is a Swiss company with international clientele in over than 50 countries and with more than 4000 installlations. Its product LUCY Server allows companies to perform realistic Internet attack simulations and customized awareness programs. The software is also able to run infrastructure assessments and a “Phishing Incident Plugin” empowers the user with an easy alerting mechanism in case of an real attack. Certified LUCY Partners in over a dozen countries are providing local and value added services for cyber prevention and IT-Security awareness.

LUCY Users can update their existing installation within the application by hitting ‘Update’.

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