LUCY Version 4.1 is available for download

LUCY Version 4.1 available for download

Users get certificates of attendance when they successfully complete an Awareness Training. Send signed phishing emails, extend your purchased domains and much more! Download the new Release, try the powerful Community Edition!

LUCY V 4.1 is available for download since the end of March 2018. Besides dozens of bugfixes the following new features are available:

  • Mail and Web Filter Test (Which file and message types ‘go through’?)
  • Attendance Certificate for successful trainings / Traning Diploma
  • Recommended email domains in templates
  • Digital signature in phishing emails
  • Domain renewal option
  • Scheduler randomization improvement
  • Date view options
  • Website Cloner improvements
  • XML export support
  • Export Recipient Groups
  • Reports: Table of contents improvements
  • Enduser Profile Improvements
  • Reports: Image placeholder
  • MS-Outlook / Office365© Incident Plugin improvements: configurable ribbon label, inline email forwarding options
  • Dashboard changes
  • Report: Hourly Stats default Value
  • More Whitelabeling: Change default name, copyright, logo, etc.
  • Now you can edit nearly all Text Messages or Labels!

Have fun using LUCY! Let us know if you like something or if you are still missing some functionality. Because we want to remain the best product on the market 😉

Fixed Bugs in LUCY V 4.1

  • Anonymous mode bug
  • Change language scenario bug
  • Click rate and success rate wrong formula
  • Display imported recipients in End Users bug
  • Fix postfix memory limit
  • LDAP import bug
  • LDAP: display list of users
  • Mail Settings Bug
  • Mixed Scenario Template doesn’t collect User Data
  • O365 – email format error
  • Plug-in for Office 365 (bugs & improvements)
  • Redis memory issue
  • Reminders bug
  • Rescheduler bug
  • Resend Awareness Email issue
  • Scheduler plan bug
  • Scheduler: Awareness Only
  • Settings Check error: Scenario Awareness Only has no recipients
  • Several recipients were not added to the schedule plan
  • URL Shortener bug
  • Use quotes in file download names everywhere

We’ll document everything in our LUCY – WIKI  as soon we can! Download LUCY Anti Phishing and Cyber Prevention Server below!