Managed Services Company from Saudi Arabia is the new cybersecurity partner from LUCY

Meet LUCY’s new Partner in Saudi Arabia – Managed Services Company

We’re strengthening our presence in the Middle East in response to the rapidly growing Cyber Prevention market in this area.

Zug (August 20, 2018) – The Managed Services Company is the 14th international partner LUCY Security has been able to certify. Interest in LUCY Software in Saudi Arabia has increased significantly in the last six months. LUCY Security AG now takes this into account.

Managed Services Company is a startup specialized in providing bespoke services in the field of Cyber Security. These services range from identifying threats and vulnerabilities to planning, designing and implementing the relevant technological, organizational and risk-based countermeasures. They supply vendor-independent security services through our consultants and a wide network of partnerships. It can therefore provide in-depth expertise in the most widely used security technologies on the market and select the most suitable solution for any given case.

In addition, Managed Services company is a managed service provider specializing in cyber threat intelligence, brand protection solutions, and security-management for complex systems. The company’s portfolio includes security assessment, real-time management and monitoring of security systems. Managed security also has expertise in advanced technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Smart Cities. “We help our customer to secure those technologies by developing the right strategies and manage their security”, says Thamer Aldhafiri, co-founder of Managed Services Company. 

„Finally we have found the right partner in the important Saudi market. The demand for cybersecurity software is high in the country and the fact that LUCYs software is not developed and distributed by a US company is a big advantage in the region“, says Palo Stacho, co-founder of LUCY.

About LUCY Security: The LUCY Phishing Awareness Training Server is used for the simulation of social engineering attacks and can be used universally – from SMEs to large customers. The product can be installed directly on the customer’s premises, a cloud version is also available. The Swiss solution provides hundreds of pre-configured phishing templates and training modules[1], which can be used by the end customer independently. With the “Phishing Incident Plugin” for Microsoft Outlook the user can raise the alarm in case they suspect an attack. LUCY’s “Threat Analyzer” will automatically evaluate and risk-score suspected phishing attack emails, saving valuable time for the security team. The product is installed on more than 6000 servers, in over 60 countries. Certified Eco-System partners in 12 countries complement the LUCY software with their value-added services.

The software is offered in the Freemium model: The free Community Edition is suitable for SMEs with up to 50 employees. The commercial Starter Edition costs USD 680 and – unusual for the industry – unlimited licenses are available from 3400 USD.

For more information please contact palo (a t) lucysecurity-do t-com and ask for Palo Stacho. LUCY Phishing GmbH, Seestrasse 13 | CH-8800 Thalwil, Switzerland | +41 793 01 7810

  • LUCY Phishing GmbH, Seestrasse 13, CH-8800 Thalwil, Schweiz, +41 44 557 19 37
  • LUCY Security LLC, 801 W 5th St, Suite 809, Austin TX 78703, USA, 512-917-9180


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