In One Minute to your own Phishing Simulation – Predefined Campaign Template Feature [Video]

It’s the easiest and fastest way to a phishing simulation. Free for everyone! There is no more efficient way to set up a phishing test than with LUCY Server. Even in its simplest form, the easily created campaign meets GDPR’s data protection requirements.

In one minute to your own phishing simulation. This is how “Educational Social Engineering” is fun. Professionals also use the “Predefined Campaign Template” functionality to create a phishing scenario. Within less than a minute an attack can be launched, sent and monitored! See yourself how easy it is to work with the LUCY cyber prevention software!

In addition to phishing tests, the solution also allows comprehensive training of employees with many templates.

What the Antiphishing Software can do

More highlights:

  • LUCY’s Phishing Alarm Button allows easy notification in case of suspicion.
  • The Incident Console in LUCY automatically calculates an Email Risk Score and informs the end user about the damage potential of the reported message.
  • Prefabricated malware simulations show you to what extent an attack on your network would be successful
  • The malware simulation also provides tips on how to fix any weak points.
  • You always remain in control of your data, no information is transmitted to third parties!



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