LUCY is able to run interactive sessions on a remote client. This sounds pretty harmless, but in the real world this is really dangerous. The Sony Heist or the Carbanak Attack, in which cyber criminals stole upwards of 1 billion dollars, demonstrates that the threat is real.

With LUCY Interactive Sessions you can hack yourself and check whether this type of threat can be made against your website. The best possible outcome of hacking yourself: You learn that your site is safe. If nothing else, this piece of mind is worth having.

In this short video learn how such a remote session works and the available configuration types it offers. For more additional information please refer to our LUCY Wiki. The section Interactive Sessions will provide you with detailed knowledge regarding this topic.

Do you want to read more about the ‘One Billion Dollar Heist’ committed by the Carbanak Gang? This Kasperski Report is as good as a criminal novel!

Get more details on how to set up and operate Interactive Sessions. Visit our LUCY Wiki, where you’ll find the detailed information you need, including

and much more! Hack yourself, without doing any harm!