Phishing Awareness and Attack Scenario Update 01/2017 – Lot of new or improved content!

New Phishing Awareness Training Content and updated Attack Scenarios 01/2017 – We got bored over the new year so we put our spare time into producing new and highly valuable phishing awareness training content: Videos, Courses and (new!) even Exams. Download the new templates in LUCY using the built in ‘Update’ feature.

New (IT-) Security and Phishing Awareness Content 01/2017

Email Security Course

In this short (max 10 minutes) course, the user is presented a few facts about common threats and countermeasures regarding email security.

Security Awareness Course

This fully customizable 10 minutes security awareness course covers topics like phishing, malware, clean desk policy, secure passwords, vishing, shoulder surfing etc.

Internet Security Exam - Awareness Template

Internet Security Exam

In this short (max 10 minutes) exam the user is asked nine multiple choice questions in order to test their knowledge regarding internet security (email security, privacy, password security etc.).

Phishing Security Exam

In this short (max 10 minutes) exam the user is asked nine multiple choice questions in order to test their knowledge regarding Phishing security (How to recognize a phish, different types of phishing mails, how to react, etc.).

Ransomware Explainer Video Awareness Template

Awareness Template | Ransomware Explainer Video

In this short video (1:50 Min) we talk about the threat “ransomware” and how to protect from it.

Updated Phishing Attack Templates for smoother Social Engineering Simulations

Increased Phishing Awareness comes with great simulations – New and updated Attack Scenarios 01/2017 – We reworked some well known and frequently used best practice attack templates. And we added some new scenarios as well.

Phishing Template Fakebook

Scenario Template | Fakebook

In this web-based scenario, we ask the user to login to “fakebook” and upload his own profile picture to the new corporate “fakebook” site.

Scenario Template | Mircosoft 365 Online Login

Ask the user to login to his “Mircosoft Office 365” account. The login will generate an error and the user will be able to download the software.

Scenario Template | Financial Bonus (Word Macro in eMail Attachment)

This is a file based only scenario without a landing page containing a Word file with Marcos. When the macro gets executed, the Macro will execute a few commands (e.g. “whoami”). Read more about this attack template here: 

Scenario Template | Portable Media Attack

LUCY allows you to create file that can be stored on removable media devices (CD, USB, DVD, SD Card etc.). The most popular is an attack using USB sticks. But this template works for all other variations of removable media types as well. Read more about this scenario type here:

Edit 11-Feb-2017: We added even more new content in February 2017: Check it out here!

LUCY Users can get the new awareness content and the updated attack templates within the application by hitting ‘Update’.

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