Phishing Software (simulation) and Education Platform

Features for Awareness and Educational Campaigns, and Functionality of the Phishing Software

LUCY allows you to run a variety of awareness campaigns and phishing simulations.

For organizations newly in business it is best to start with Data Entry or Hyperlink Campaigns. The ‘Win an ipad’ or ‘HR survey’ campaigns are still the most successful campaigns used regularly in the field. File-based attacks with (pseudo) malicious attachments are not only very well utilized but also highly advanced—‘Attachment of a CV in PDF format’ is but one example of an attack that remains proven to be successful. LUCY Phishing Software also allows you to set up and run SMiShing campaigns or build scenarios where the recipients receive a preliminary message (Double Barrel). Of course all types of attack scenarios can be mixed within a single campaign.

Campaign creation requires a significant amount of work and effort when performed manually. This is why many features of the LUCY Phishing Software make it easy to create campaigns and adopt template-based scenarios.

Discover the Awareness Training and Phishing Software Server features in detail, and learn more about malicious attachments, SMiShing or other campaign features.