Report Phishing with the Alarm Plugin for Outlook

Report Phishing Incidents immediately – Empower your Users and let them report phishing attacks or suspicious e-mails instantly to the hotline or any other authority. 

The Phishing Incident Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (c) empowers your user base in a great way! Users can report instantly suspicious emails savely and directly to your System Administrator, your SOC or CSIRT-team! Report Phishing with LUCY.

What is the Phishing Incident Plugin? For the user it is just another button in the menu ribbon of Microsoft Outlook (c). When the user receives a suspicious message he can hit this button: The message is send to a predefined recipient and deleted on the client afterwards.

It’s really easy: Our Corporate Edition comes with the Phishing Incident Plugin. You can use LUCY Server if you want to distribute it in your organization. Bigger companies can use their standard deployment mechanisms, the Phishing Incident Plugin is a simple *.msi file.

Analyse and respond to submitted mails  The server has an Incident Console where you can analyse the reported phishing mails or other suspicious messages. You can easily give feedback to the reporter if it was a real phishing message, just a false alarm or if the user recognised a real, dangerous phishing message. You can configure the message text for every category of response and you can add predefined answers like ‘Thank You Messages’ , replies for ‘Phishing Simulation Messages’ which have been generated by LUCY campaigns, etc. Of course you can also label the Phishing Incident Report Button used in Microsoft Outlook.

Automatic e-mail Risk Score and Risk Mitigation during ongoing attacks: The Threat Analyzer integrated in LUCY automatically analyzes the incoming messages. Various analytical methods are provided for this purpose and you can also define your own rules. The risk ratio (Risk Score) can be returned to the user if desired. In the event of ongoing attacks, the Threat Mitigator allows you to easily and automatically notify the abuse contact of the attacking server.

Report Phishing – with LUCY it’s made easy!