Report Scams Quickly and Assure Speedy Threat Analysis – Phish Button for Outlook

Report Scams quickly and let the security team analyze the possible incidents in an easy and fast way. LUCYs Phishing incident plugin allows you to response immediately to running phishing scams.

According to the Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report the world lacks of speed when it comes to notification of threads and in many cases the security teams can investigate only half the security alerts they receive on a given day. LUCY is massively improving both topics with the “Report Scam Button” for Microsoft Outlook and with the integrated threat analyzer within LUCY Server.

Report scams with the phishing button from LUCY SecurityThe Report Scam Button is basically a simple feature. It’s functionality – who has to be notified how or which messages should be displayed etc. – is customized by the administrator in LUCY Server. When all settings are done, LUCY compiles this report scam button. After that an *.msi file is available for download by the administrator. This file can be installed on every Windows client running Outlook. Of course you can distribute the feature with your GPO/Software distribution systems you have in place. Once the button is installed, the user can report scams or other suspicious mails fast and easy to the security team. The only thing he has to do is to hit the button!

What happens next? After the user notified the security team and the suspicious message has been delivered to LUCY  the message is deleted on the client.  Now the security team can assess the message. LUCYs integrated threat analyzer checks first , if the message comes from an own Phishing Simulation. If this is the case, the system notifies the submitting user automatically that he spotted a running phishing simulation. See the screenshot below.

If the submitted message did not originated from a own Phishing Simulation Campaign, the message gets a marker and can be examined further by the security team. LUCY Threat Analyzer will become even more powerful in our next version. We will add automated risk and threat assessment routines for even bigger empowerment of the security teams!

If you want to learn more how you can report scams with the Phishing Incident Plugin for Microsoft Outlook please visit this section of our Website.

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