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LUCY the only truly GDPR compliant security awareness and phishing simulation solution!

Our evaluation process has shown that LUCY Security Awereness…
Phishing Attacks Made Easy Webinar 2018

How do I do a file-based phishing email simulation and training? [Video Tutorial]

Phishing Attacks Made Easy - In 15 minutes to a savvy professional…
Ridicolous easy: Phishing Attacks and Awareness trainings set up and run within seconds. Also suitable for Experts!

Even for Experts: Phishing & Training Campaigns set up within seconds with LUCY Software 4.3 [Video]

It can't be better! Cybercrime Prevention in Seconds! Also for…
trademark infringement phishing: Phishing Simulations with well-known Brands do NOT infringe Trademark Rights

Phishing Simulations with well known Brands do NOT infringe Trademark Rights

You want to use well-known brand logos for a phishing simulation?…

LUCY gets a Score of 4.8 on Gartner Peer Insights - That is a great rating!

"Great toolbox, goes further than some big players" - Such statements…
LUCY Server Overview Two Pager

The LUCY Two Pager

All you need to know about LUCY Server on one sheet of paper.…
Net Promoter Score (NPS)

LUCY reaches an incredible Net Promoter Score of 85.3 in 2018

LUCY Security’s World Class Cybersecurity Solution massively…
Create certificates of attendance with LUCY Server

Print Certificates of Attendance after a successful CBT

The LUCY Cyber Prevention Server also print Certificates of Attendance!…
Roll out a GDPR Training

Rollout a GDPR Training to your Employees in a Minute [Video]

Rolling out an interactive GDPR training with LUCY. Imagine…
Interactive GDPR Course by LUCY

Watch the GDPR Data Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation Course [Video]

LUCY Learning Content - Our interactive GDPR course This course…
What is New in LUCY Version 4.0?

The 14 best new phishing and databreach prevention features in LUCY V4.0 [Video]

With 4.0, we've rolled out a pretty long list of new features…

An e-Fax Phishing Scam with a trackable PDF File [Video]

Check whether and how many users download a supposed E-fax in…
Phishing Campaigns done in one minute

In One Minute to your own Phishing Simulation - Predefined Campaign Template Feature [Video]

It’s the easiest and fastest way to a phishing simulation.…
It is a GDPR compliant IT Security Awareness solution

GDPR is met: LUCY is the most secure IT security awareness system!

GDPR is no problem for LUCY and its customers. The LUCY server…

Configuration and Usage of the LUCY Phishing Button for Outlook [Video]

Simply and reliably report phishing attempts during operation.…

Longer and shorter videos for employee awareness education (and trackable)

Trackable educational IT security awareness videos with various…
State of Internet Crime Banner

State of Cyber Attacks 2018 – A big Overview about Cybercrime [Infographic]

Phishing, Trojans, Ransomware and Viruses: Hardly a day goes…
Simulated Cyber Attacks

Results from the Customer Survey 2017

Key findings: 84% of the participants recommend LUCY Security…
Create and run a smishing attack in two minutes - LUCY screencast

Setup and Run a Smishing Attack in 2 Minutes - Educational Social Engineering with LUCY

A smishing attack is done easily with LUCY Server. Set up your…
Ransomware Explainer Video by LUCY

Did you know that you can customize our Ransomware Explainer Video?

Adapt LUCY's Ransomware Explainer Video to your own needs. Owners…
Educational Advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate Malware

Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign and appropriate Malware [Video-Tutorial]

Suitable for reproduction: Build your own advanced Spear Phishing…
Robert Bosch uses LUCY for Phishing Simulations

Customer Story - Experiences with the use of the LUCY Phishing Awareness Training Server at Robert Bosch

An interview with Patrick Zeller, Senior Manager Enterprise Security,…

You want to copy an existing Website for a Social Engineering Scam? (Simulation) - We show you how it's done

After 2 (two!) minutes you have a cloned website for your Phishing…

Phishing Reports: How to read and analyze Stats of a Ransomware Simulation or a File based Phishing Attack

How do you read the results of a Phishing Campaign containing…
Avoid Ransomware - Locky in Action
How to configure an IT Security Awareness Training with LUCY Interactive Training Templates
Use Malware and Ransomware simulations from LUCY: Screencasts, examples and tutorials
Social Engineering and Phishing made easy with LUCY. F.e. the comparison feature is available now in the free edition
150 most influencial blogs and contributors in information security - Cyber Security Ranking

It Starts with a Phishing Attack: 10 Steps to a Global Financial Meltdown

'Too big to fail'—But the financial industry remains vulnerable.…

Phishing-Service und Assessementdienstleistungen direkt von LUCY

Interesssenten aus der Schweiz können neu alle Leistungen rund…

Competencies of security leaders

What skills are optimal for a security leader to have? In reviewing…

Setting up LUCY - It takes just minutes!

LUCY comes as VMWare, ESXi, Virtual Box or Amazon AWS images.…
The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

Training Video: Educational Video for Users

Rich media content provides the highest learning impact. Use…
The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

French Training Video: Educational Video for Users

La vidéo de formation IT Security en français - Le contenu…
The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

Spanish Training Video: Educational Video for Users

El video de entrenamiento de seguridad de TI en español - Contenido…
The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

German Training Video: Educational Video for Users

Das LUCY IT Security Trainingsvideo auf Deutsch - Multimediainhalte…
LUCY Logo Graphical Elements

Graphical Elements

Graphical Elements and LUCY Security Logo for Download Standard…