Managed Services Company from Saudi Arabia is the new cybersecurity partner from LUCY

Meet LUCY’s new Partner in Saudi Arabia – Managed Services Company

We’re strengthening our presence in the Middle East in response to the rapidly growing Cyber Prevention market in this area. Zug (August 20, 2018) – The Managed Services Company is the 14th international partner LUCY Security has been able to certify. Interest in LUCY Software in Saudi Arabia has increased significantly in the last six […]

why is a cyversecurity company sponsoring a sustainabiltiy congress?

Why is a Cybersecurity Company Sponsoring a Green Convention?

LUCY Security sponsors the Swiss Green Economy Symposium. Why that? Why is cybersecurity so important for sustainability and successful business in the 21st century? The answer is actually quite simple: On the one hand, we care about the future of the earth. We want to make tomorrow’s world an even more beautiful place than it […]

LUCY Connect User Group Conference 2018

Register for 2nd LUCY Connect and Robert Bosch Plant Tour

LUCY User Group Conference is held on October 18, 2018 in Stuttgart   3.9 out of 4.0! Last year’s LUCY Connect User Conference was an awesome success with a rating of 3.9 out of four points. We are very pleased to be able to hold this event again and are very grateful that the congress will […]

trademark infringement phishing: Phishing Simulations with well-known Brands do NOT infringe Trademark Rights

Phishing Simulations with well known Brands do NOT infringe Trademark Rights

You want to use well-known brand logos for a phishing simulation? Go ahead, because phishing for training purposes does not infringe any trademark rights! The key point of a trademark infringement and/or trademark infringement suit is whether there is a misleading consumer as to the origin of a particular product or service. If you use […]

Darkweb Research with LUCY

Darkweb Research from LUCY

Did you want to know if there is a data outflow of your company? With our Darkweb Research we bring employee or company data to the surface. Our new  Deep Web analysis service examines what information about a company can be found in public and closed networks. Information from various sources is screened automatically and manually: […]

security awareness training update

Bam! Enjoy 163 new Attack and Training Templates – Unlimited Security Awareness Content

At LUCY we are constantly delivering new security awareness content. And that for free! Now 163 new templates have been added in one go: 20 training videos, 9 other awareness trainings and as many as 134 new attack templates. LUCY rocks! right? Overview New attack templates for Phishing Simulations We have delivered 134 new or updated […]

German Axsos AG becomes certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

Zug, June 20, 2018 – The employee is the major target for Internet Attacks. 97% of all attacks target the person and only 3% target the technology. People are the central link in the IT security chain. Employees with high awareness and a secured technology stack are the best protection for an organization. The German […]

Find out how many of these potentially dangerous file types are allowed through to your network

You think that no such files reach your network or the mailbox of your employees? We don’t think so, because in that case you’d be cut off from the rest of the world. The automated mail and web filter test shows you which files and which contents reach your company network unhindered. What’s going through? […]

LUCY gets a Score of 4.8 on Gartner Peer Insights – That is a great rating!

“Great toolbox, goes further than some big players” – Such statements and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 points are an excellent rating for our software and our company’s support services.   In the Gartner Peer Insights and Reviews  professionals will share their experiences, which they had with their suppliers and the suppliers’ services / […]

Envoy Data Corportration is a LUCY Software Distributor

Envoy Data now distributes the best solution for cyber prevention and IT security awareness

LUCY Security has entered into a partnership with the leading Value-Added Distributor of data security solutions. Austin, June-16-2018 – “With Envoy, we have found a partner that suits us and actively helps us to develop the large American market better,” says Palo Stacho, co-founder of LUCY Security. “The support of Envoy in engineering, marketing and […]

Booth X 43 – Visit LUCY Security at Infosec Europe 2018 in London and get great gifts!

Our booth X43 is located in the startup area of Infosec Europe 2018, right next to the lecture hall on the first floor. Come by, we look forward to getting to know you personally! The founders Oliver and Palo are part of it. Let our team show you a 10 minute live demonstration of our […]

A1 Telekom, Adnoc, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam, David J Peck, Ethical Intruder, Frosta, Intuity, Principle Logic, Privasec, Sapphire, SEB, Siroop, Vaadata, VA Intertrading are official customers from LUCY Security

Meet 15 New Official Customers of LUCY

We are very happy that we can again officially name some customers! They come from all industries, not just from the information security corner.   A1 Telekom, Telecommunication, Austria A1 Telekom Austria is the leading communications provider in Austria with over 5.4 million mobile and 2.3 million fixed-network customers. The company operates its own networks […]

You buy a phishing service directly from LUCY and we guarantee the start of the campaign within 10 days.

Start a Phishing Simulation within 10 days and for 1800 Dollars!

We guarantee: In 10 days and for 1800 Dollars to your first LUCY phishing simulation or awareness campaign! You buy a phishing campaign or IT security training directly from LUCY and we guarantee the start of the campaign within 10 days. Describe your requirements and we will set up a service for you based on […]

LUCY Server Overview Two Pager

The LUCY Two Pager

All you need to know about LUCY Server on one sheet of paper. The Two Pager Overview for LUCY V 4.2.     The functionality of the Cyber Prevention and Training Server is displayed on a single page using a simple feature list. Explore the full functionality of LUCY Server in a compressed form.    

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

LUCY reaches an incredible Net Promoter Score of 85.3 in 2018

LUCY Security’s World Class Cybersecurity Solution massively Outpaces Technology Industry with an dreamlike Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85.3! We only did a short customer survey this year. The only thing we asked our customers was: “On a scale of 1 – 10(best), how likely is it that you would recommend the LUCY software?” The […]


Thanks to you, our first RSA conference was a success!

More than 500 people from 31 countries(!) visited the booth of LUCY Security. The RSA Conference 2018 was a complete success thanks to the many great interested parties and visitors! It was four intensive days that were worth it. We were able to make many new contacts and also talk to existing customers. It was […]

Short information: LUCY has more than 5000 Twitter followers!

We are very proud that LUCY has a Twitter community of over 5000 followers now! And not a single contact is bought! We thank everyone who follows us and look forward to many interesting tweets in the future!   Wanna win a Swiss Army Knife? Get one from the best company for IT-Sec Awareness, Phishing […]

Create certificates of attendance with LUCY Server

Print Certificates of Attendance after a successful CBT

The LUCY Cyber Prevention Server also print Certificates of Attendance! Graduates of a LUCY Training can print out or have their course diploma sent to them at the end. If a user has completed an eLearning module of LUCY, the user receives a course certificate upon successful completion. This function can be configured when setting […]

gdpr code of conduct example

The LUCY Code of Conduct for GDPR compliance

At LUCY Security, a lean GDPR Code of Conduct provides guidance in dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation. We’ll show you what we’ve done. As a Swiss company following also EU law, we have taken the European-wide introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation as an opportunity to revise our data security processes and […]

Which feature are you missing?

Tell us which Feature you miss in LUCY Server!

Dear LUCY user and LUCY customer, We would like to ask you what functionality you are missing in our solution: Is there a LUCY feature you would like to have implemented? Do you miss training content or an attack/phishing scenario? Is there a third party product integration you would like? Tell me about it! I […]

Rapid growth, creation of LUCY USA and more than 165 new cyber awareness templates in LUCY V4.0

Strong commitment to the American market with the foundation of LUCY USA FY 2017 brought almost double the previous year’s sales growth. LUCY Version 4.0 brings even more efficient Security Awareness Management Tools and Reputation Based e-Learning More than 165 new templates have been deployed including training content and templates for educational Internet attacks Ibliss […]

Get your Gift at RSA Conference here!

Get a Gift you won’t get anywhere else at RSA Conference 2018

Get your Gift!  Yes, here we come! LUCY Security is an exhibitor at the RSA® Conference 2018, so please come and visit us. North Hall. Left. Right. Stop. We promise you that every visitor will receive a small gift from Lucy, which they won’t get anywhere else at RSA 2018! Founders and the Team from […]

LUCY Content Update 2018 with more than 165 new scenarios

165+ new and revised Phishing Test and Attack Training Templates – Large Awareness Content Update I/2018

Others require you to pay for new or individual attack and training templates. At LUCY, new Phishing tests, training courses or even videos are always included in the basic price! We show the highlights of the more than 165 new templates of the current content update I/2018. What is included in the Big Content Update? […]

5000 active servers: Our Market Share in Global Cybersecurity Awareness

In January 2018 the usage exceeded 5000 servers and where is LUCY most popular? With 5000 activated Security Awareness Licenses LUCY Server is the newcomer in the cybersecurity market! 5000 in 3 years – When we launched version 1.0 of LUCY in early 2015, we had no idea how many installations to expect. In fact, […]

LUCY Connect User Group Conference 2018

Register now to the LUCY User Conference October 18, 2018

We’re proud to announce the LUCY User Group Congress and Cyber Prevention Summit! We received a dream rating of 3.9 out of 4 for last year’s event 🙂 .  We are delighted to be able to hold this event again and are very grateful that the summit will take place on Robert Bosch’s IT campus. The […]

Roll out a GDPR Training

Rollout a GDPR Training to your Employees in a Minute [Video]

Rolling out an interactive GDPR training with LUCY. Imagine that you want to distribute a training course to your employees quickly and easily. You would like to know who the people have completed the training and what results have been achieved.  LUCY Server is also an e-learning system with which you can roll out training content […]

Interactive GDPR Course by LUCY

Watch the GDPR Data Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation Course [Video]

LUCY Learning Content – Our interactive GDPR course This course aims to provide a comprehensive guide about how and why the Data Protection regulations should be put into practice in your workplace. It also explains what will happen if you don’t follow the rules. Where do you find this course? It’s located as an awareness […]

LUCY at RSAC2018

Visit me at RSA Conference 2018 and get a gift you won’t get anywhere else

North Hall. Left. Right. Stop. Get your Gift!  Yes, here we come! LUCY Security is an exhibitor at the RSA® Conference 2018, so please come and visit us. We promise you that every visitor will receive a small gift from Lucy, which they won’t get anywhere else at RSA 2018! Founders Oliver and Palo will […]

What is New in LUCY Version 4.0?

The 14 best new phishing and databreach prevention features in LUCY V4.0 [Video]

With 4.0, we’ve rolled out a pretty long list of new features and improvements. Our cyberprevention server has become even better than it already is. In this article, we would like to show you our 14 favorite new features that are worthy of special mention. 01. Dashboard improvements One Starting with LUCY 4.0 we re-designed […]

An e-Fax Phishing Scam with a trackable PDF File [Video]

Check whether and how many users download a supposed E-fax in PDF format and open it if necessary. At the turn of the millennium, many companies banned the physical fax machine from the offices and instead introduced fax servers with mail functions. Since then, the number of fax messages sent has fallen almost to zero. […]

Phishing Campaigns done in one minute

In One Minute to your own Phishing Simulation – Predefined Campaign Template Feature [Video]

It’s the easiest and fastest way to a phishing simulation. Free for everyone! There is no more efficient way to set up a phishing test than with LUCY Server. Even in its simplest form, the easily created campaign meets GDPR’s data protection requirements. In one minute to your own phishing simulation. This is how “Educational […]

Best Blogposts 2017

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

When we look back on 2017, it is really hard to grasp all the transformations in which our world finds itself. Blockchain, the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine in the car, autonomous drone deliveries and global malware attacks were in the spotlight in 2017. Technology changes the world. LUCY Security is […]


We wish all our users a wonderful Christmas time and thank you for your loyalty! And what’s 4690? This year was dedicated to the Threat Analyzer, the LUCY Risk Score and the Phishing Button: We started into 2017 with LUCY 3.2. Five major releases later we have even a more mature product, with a global […]

It is a GDPR compliant IT Security Awareness solution

GDPR is met: LUCY is the most secure IT security awareness system!

GDPR is no problem for LUCY and its customers. The LUCY server is secure and the customer data is protected, the personal data can also be kept anonymous. GDPR places high demands on the providers of anti-phishing solutions. Security has always been a top priority at LUCY Phishing Server. The design decision to offer a […]

Configuration and Usage of the LUCY Phishing Button for Outlook [Video]

Simply and reliably report phishing attempts during operation. And all at a great price! The LUCY webcast “How to install, configure and use the LUCY Phishing Incident Plugin” for MS-Outlook briefly shows the following steps: Configuration of the’ Phishing Button’. Download and installation of the feature in Outlook (c) Usage: A phishing simulation mail is […]

Simple awareness training content is often really efficient!

Maintain Attention with simple and efficient One-Pager IT Security Awareness Content

Simple and short awareness campaigns with LUCY are often sufficient to maintain employees’ awareness of Internet risks. Today we present two employee awareness templates available in LUCY Server: the LUCY “PDF-Infoflyer” and the template for “One Pager Phishing Awareness (responsive)”. Both templates allow the provision of a simple but effective repertory for email security. PDF […]

Use LUCY as Cyber Swiss Army Knife : See the features

LUCY is the Cyber Swiss Army Knife

LUCY Server is the digital Swiss Army knife for a more relaxed attitude towards cybercrime and for smarter employees!   Awareness Training: Dozens of templates for rapid creation of training campaigns. Short and long videos, quiz programs, competitions, static pages / leaflets and even games are available! Benefit directly from our many years of experience […]

Longer and shorter videos for employee awareness education (and trackable)

Trackable educational IT security awareness videos with various durations from LUCY Security are included in all commercial editions of its Software. Longer Videos for initial trainings and short videos for skilled workers! LUCY Security is aware that customers have individual needs. That’s why LUCY Best Practice Training Videos for employee education are rolled out in […]

State of Internet Crime Banner

State of Cyber Attacks 2018 – A big Overview about Cybercrime [Infographic]

Phishing, Trojans, Ransomware and Viruses: Hardly a day goes by without hacker attacks against companies or private individuals.  This huge LUCY Infographic shows the explosion of internet crime     State of Cyber Crime 2018 – Numbers in detail   In the United States by Internet crime caused damage in 2001:17.8 million USD. In the United […]

LUCY Security remains innovative and grows in Asia and South America

Deutsche Bahn is a major new customer of renown. This proves that customers of all sizes can benefit from the product’s new efficiency potential With the Chilean Pentest SPA, LUCY Security was able to win a very renowned partner in South America. The company offers its services far beyond national borders. In India, LUCY Server […]

Vote for LUCY at the Cyber Security Awards 2018

Help us with one click! Cyber Security Awards 2018

We ask you for support: Vote for LUCY in the Cyber Security Awards 2018! (Quicklink here) The community, the opinions of our users and the support of the base are very important to us. We take our environment seriously and that’s why we have invented a LUCY User Group. Why? Because we are convinced that […]

100% of those present want to participate again! A brief review of the LUCY Connect User Conference 2017

With a dream rating of 3.9 (out of 4) and more than 73% of feature requests put on the the development list, the first LUCY User Group conference was a complete success!   During the it-sa fair in Nuremberg on 10.10.2017 the first event with active customer participation was held as the first international cyber […]

Infosec trade shows are not dead!

Have IT fairs become obsolete? No, absolutely not! [Video]

Unexpectedly high visitor interest for the LUCY Testing and Awareness Server at it-sa 2017. Three days in Nuremberg. Three people at the booth. There’s always something going on. Demos are made, questions answered and business cards exchanged. Lunchtime will be cancelled and at the end of the first day the first printed matter will be […]

100% of the major US companies have an IT security program: Results of the CISO Survey 2017

The situation in the largest market for simulated Internet attacks and IT security awareness testing is absolutely clear: Social engineering for educational purposes has become a regular activity at US companies. Phishing simulations are part of their daily business! The results of the LUCY CISO survey among IT security representatives of renowned US companies speak […]

What I learned about Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

What I Learned Last Week in California about the Global Security Awareness Training Market

In terms of employee awareness and people testing, the USA is 4-5 years ahead of European countries. The rest of the world is even more trailing behind. The Americans will therefore dictate the price development, this is one of my three great lessons from my participation in the Security Shark Tank in Palo Alto in […]

New Release LUCY V 3.7 is out – Download or update now!

The new release of LUCY Server V 3.7 has functional improvements. Notable changes and new features: New dashboard & new dashboard actions (WIKI): It makes the handling much easier, especially when you have a lot of campaigns running New report template variables (WIKI): Finally you can put everything into your Campaign reports! New REST API (WIKI): […]

Register for LUCY Connect

The best Cybersecurity Awareness Event this Year – Register for next Tuesday

Nine days to go! Dear Friends and customers, we received our last registration only two days ago! We’re going to be a really interesting group, join us Tuesday in two weeks in Nuremberg 🙂  LUCY CONNECT Conference   What? The first LUCY User Group Congress and Cyberprevention Summit for LUCY customers, users and certified partners. Why? Learn from other […]

IT Security Tutorial Content available for free download in LUCY

New IT-Security Tutorials and Videos available for Free Download in LUCY

Download the new set of security tutorial video’s and brand new phishing attack templates for LUCY Server. Big free content upgrade 2017-09 is available now for everybody. We have heard from some customers that they would like to use shorter versions of our popular videos. LUCY Security meets this demand with the big content update […]

Run Phishing Test using LUCY

What a score! LUCY Security is on Gartner Peer Insights

Finally, LUCY has made it to the Gartner Peer Insights with some great reviews.   In the Gartner Peer Insights and Reviews  professionals will share their experiences, which they had with their suppliers and the suppliers’ services / products. The experience reports (the review), is validated by Gartner for probity and reliability, and therefore has a […]

Inaugural LUCY User Group Congress and Cyber Prevention Summit 2017

Inaugural LUCY Connect Conference

LUCY at it-sa 2017 exhibitor

Meet LUCY and other true heroes from 10-12 October 2017 at the it-sa in Nuremberg

LUCY Security as an exhibitor and forum speaker at the second largest IT security exhibition in the world. Meet the founders, let the product show you live and convince yourself personally of the top solution. it-sa is the number 1 in Europe for IT security. The increasing trend towards digitization and networking is placing ever […]

PITS 2017 - Public IT Security im Hotel Adlon Berlin 12/13. September 2017

LUCY at PITS 2017: “The best action against social engineering is own social engineering!”

Have you ever prepared and launched a phishing attack in 15 minutes? Vaccine your staff with realistic phishing simulations and active training against malware and ransomware! We show this at PITS 2017, organized by the mighty german “Behördenspiegel”. On September 13th, 2017, we will show live at PITS – the Public IT Security Fair 2017 […]

Bring IT Services

Bring IT Services is a new LUCY Partner in Turkey!

Turkey is heavily under attack by cyber criminals and an important market for LUCY.  That’s why we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bring IT-Services.  BRING IT Services‘ aim is bridging the Ingenuity Gap between Customers and Perfect IT Solutions. BRING IT Services offers solutions to Enterprises to overcome the challenges they have […]

Lynx Technology Partners (USA) is a Certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner now!

The United States is the most advanced in cyber prevention and accounts for approximately 25% of LUCY sales. The US market represents the most important area for us as a Swiss cyber awareness product manufacturer. Having Lynx as such a renowned partner means for us a big step forward in the USA. Our founder Oliver […]

Security Awareness Videos 07/2017

LUCY Customers get great new Security Awareness Videos for free – Content Update 07/2017

Great new Security Awareness videos for you! Anyone can use the videos, owners of a commercial LUCY license can use them in training campaigns in an unlimited way. The content was tested and improved by pilot customers. We can only recommend the videos! Don’t only run Mock Phish Campaigns with LUCY, but also educate your staff […]

Simulated Cyber Attacks

Simulated Cyber Attacks [Infographic] – 2/3 of Customers willing to Testify and more than 8 out 10 are Recommending LUCY!

In Spring 2017 customers of LUCY Security were asked to reply to a survey. We have summarized the results of the detailed report (here) in an infographic.   The LUCY Customer Survey 2017 got a response rate of 28.4% More than 8 out of 10 customers would recommend LUCY to a third party 2/3 of […]

The Americans love LUCY Security! – Multiple Awards for the Best IT Security Software 2017.

Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze at the IT World Awards 2017! LUCY Security was able to pick up 4 medals at the competition of the American “Network Product Guide“. We can confidently claim that we currently offer the world’s best IT security software. The big competition is held annually and is very popular. Hundreds of companies […]

run a mock phish campaign using a game

Have you ever been phished using a game?

When it comes to playing, many people are often unreasonable. A new LUCY Mock Phishing Attack Scenario is trying to take advantage of this fact. In the “Flupy” game, employees can try to win movie tickets. Unfortunately they are becoming the ‘victim’ of a phishing simulation. This is once a little different IT security awareness […]

A new Phishing Alert Button for Users - One new feature of LUCY Anti Phishing

Alive and Kicking: LUCY V 3.6 is out!

The new release of LUCY Server V 3.6 has some functional improvements. In particular, changes were made under the hood. We fixed security-critical bugs and the Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit installation packages were separated for the Phishing Incident Plug-in. We strongly recommend to download the newest version of LUCY! Notable changes and new features in LUCY […]

Buy a Mock Phish or an IT-Sec Awareness Training for just 1800 Dollars!

Buy educational Phishing campaigns or IT-Awareness trainings for yourself or your clients directly from LUCY!  Define your requirements and we will set up a service based on one of our existing LUCY attack / training templates. We will set up and prepare a mock phish campaign or an awareness training based on your requirements and […]

Kereon is a LUCY Partner

Kereon is now a certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

The Canadian Training and Cybersecurity Specialist Kereon has become a LUCY Value Added Reseller! Kereon is empowering their world-class training and Cybersecurity expertise to its worldwide customers with the LUCY Antiphishing Server. To face the ever growing Information Security challenges the company has developed a Security Awareness program called Awee® based on a multidisciplinary team […]

LUCY Email Risk Score - Visualization how risky emails are

The automated LUCY E-Mail Risk Score

Simplified detection of dangerous emails and massive relief of the security team. The LUCY Email Risk Score as the defining feature of the Threat Analyzer module. The “Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report“, makes it clear: “…In many cases, their security teams can investigate only half the security alerts they receive on a given day.” This is where […]

Neoteric is a LUCY Security Partner in Great Britain

Neoteric Networks UK is a certified LUCY Ecosystem Partner

We are delighted that Neoteric Networks UK has become a LUCY Value Added Reseller! Cybersecurity is taken very seriously in the United Kingdom. This leads to a high quality standard throughout the market and to a great interest for our LUCY Server. In the short time since the end of the partnership agreement, Neoteric Networks […]

The Google Docs Phishing Scam as Mock Phish Scenario

The Google Docs Phishing Attack was highly efficient in the wild. LUCY delivers a Mock Phish scenario based on this attack. The scenario has functions that are not possible with competing products. The Google Docs Phishing scam in May 2017 was a really efficient one. The google docs phish affected 0.1% of the gmail users. So […]

LUCY Security and Palo Stacho Handelszeitung

Hot topic WannaCry: Significant response to LUCY in the Swiss business and Sunday press

Zürich-Thalwil, 20. Mai 2017 – The global WannaCry attack has put the issue of ransomware and malware countermeasures in the public focus. LUCY is now acknowledged in the leading media of the Swiss press as one of the pillars in the fight against cycled crime! The economic crime now takes place in Cyberspace. This has […]

Results from the Customer Survey 2017

Key findings: 84% of the participants recommend LUCY Security and two-thirds of the respondents are willing to call themselves publicly as a reference customer! And more than 70% of the participants are interested in a user group. For us, it is also interesting that almost half of the submitted suggestions for improvement are already available […]

Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook - LUCY Server

Our Phishing Incident Button is now available Everywhere!

LUCY Phishing Incident Plugin allows an easy and fast response to ongoing threats. Because it’s a highly beneficial feature for companies of all sizes we decided to make it available to ALL commercial editions of LUCY. Already for 350$ / Year you get an unlimited alert feature for your company! Phishing Incident Plugin for MS-Outlook available […]

The new version 3.4 is available and thus also a world novelty

We launched LUCY V 3.4: Cyber prevention as well as IT health checks affordable for everyone and the world-wide new integrated threat analysis of incoming e-mails using the LUCY Risk Score are the highlights of the current release. Threat Analyser and Risk Score The “Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report“, which is highly regarded in the […]

Create and run a smishing attack in two minutes - LUCY screencast

Setup and Run a Smishing Attack in 2 Minutes – Educational Social Engineering with LUCY

A smishing attack is done easily with LUCY Server. Set up your educational social engineering campaigns and train your people. Create and Run a Smishing Attack Simulations with LUCY Server. A Smishing Campaign is like a Phishing Campaign, but the distribution is done over SMS messages instead using email. With LUCY you can set up […]

Ransomware Explainer Video by LUCY

Did you know that you can customize our Ransomware Explainer Video?

Adapt LUCY’s Ransomware Explainer Video to your own needs. Owners of a commercial edition can customize every educational video delivered by LUCY for a reasonable price. Our Ransomware video explains in less than two minutes how to protect against Ransomware attacks. This is about the behaviour of each individual: do not open links from unknown, […]

Educational Advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate Malware

Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign and appropriate Malware [Video-Tutorial]

Suitable for reproduction: Build your own advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate attached Malware with LUCY. A 30 minute video gives you the possibility to build up an advanced phishing and malware simulation almost off the cuff! LUCY Founder Oliver explains how you can set up an advanced Educational Spear Phishing campaign and store it […]

What the public knows about cybersecurity quiz

Most Americans don’t know much about Cybersecurity – And you?

I did the quiz. My score was 9 out of 10. With this result I belong to the top 4% – It’s not only about strong passwords… A new Pew Research Center survey titled “What the Public Knows about Cybersecurity” tallied responses from more than thousand American adults last year about their understanding of concepts […]

Update immediately to LUCY V 3.3.3

Alert! Please install V 3.3.3! Your LUCY Server needs an immediate patch.

Dear Clients, Please install LUCY version 3.3.3 as soon as possible! It should be available in Lucy upgrade section.   In the case the server has running campaigns: If you have some campaigns running, that prevent you from upgrading and you are unable to access the campaign page, you will be unable to upgrade from […]

Cyber Insecurity: Administrations are not giving enough priority to the issue of cybersecurity and cybercrime today (2017), ie the wrong attitude.

The Best Remedy for Cyber Insecurity

The Ransomware explosion of 2016 has not only led to lot of  damage, but also to uncertainty and “cyber insecurity”. This is normal; in the case of new incidents, every person is initially unsure. As with all other uncertainties, experience, education, attitudes and practice also help with cyber insecurity! Experience – In the case of […]

Biggest Cyber Security Threat 2017

What is the Biggest Cyber Security Threat this Year?

When Artficial Intelligence becomes Criminal or your Fingerprint gets Hacked and eighty other Nightmares in (cyber)crime. In his blog post “Cyber Security Threat 2017” Deepak Kumar has published the answers of his survey on possible cyberspace threats. Nearly 90 answers read like a template for Mr. Robot’s next season. Here are a few examples: 1984 […]

Register for LUCYs Spear Phishing and Malware Setup Webinar on April 11th 2017

Register for our Spear Phishing and Malware Webinar on April-11th!

The current phishing attacks are now becoming more sophisticated and personal. Our experience has shown that the employees of an organization, with appropriate training and phishing simulations can better deal with such threats and this can significantly increase the company’s security. Join our webinar and experience live how to set up, implement and evaluate a personalized […]

The ultimate Phishing Tool and even more – LUCY V 3.3 out now!

A completely redeveloped PhishButton, Reports in Microsoft Word format, improved learning management system (LMS) functionalities: LUCY had become the ultimate Phishing Tool (and even more)! And it’s still free for up to 50 Users! Download it now. New Version: The Phishing Tool and its training functionalities Again, we put lot of efforts into our baby. […]

Robert Bosch uses LUCY for Phishing Simulations

Customer Story – Experiences with the use of the LUCY Phishing Awareness Training Server at Robert Bosch

An interview with Patrick Zeller, Senior Manager Enterprise Security, Robert Bosch LLC. March 2017 – “Bosch” is one of LUCY Security’s first major customers. Thanks to its support, the LUCY Phishing and Awareness Training Server was able to develop rapidly. At the beginning of the year 2017, we interviewed Mr. Zeller on the use and […]

You want to copy an existing Website for a Social Engineering Scam? (Simulation) – We show you how it’s done

After 2 (two!) minutes you have a cloned website for your Phishing Scenario. LUCY Social Engineering Simulation Server empowers you when you set up an IT-Security Awareness Campaign [Screencast]. Advanced Phishing Simulations: Clone a Website and add your own Login Form – Do you want to create a phishing simulation and you want to use […]

Phishing Reports: How to read and analyze Stats of a Ransomware Simulation or a File based Phishing Attack

How do you read the results of a Phishing Campaign containing an file attachment or even of a Ransomware Simulation? A hands-on example explains how to get campaign insights and how to read LUCY Phishing Reports. The initial situation and the question You prepared a file based phishing scenario. The attachement is a word file […]

LUCY is Winner of the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2017 - Category Awareness Platform

Yes! – LUCY won it’s Second Award!

Big Update: Awareness Training and Phishing Attack Templates 02/2017 – IT Security Training reloaded!

LUCY made it to the finals of the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards!

LUCY made it! We are finalists for both awards!

Phishing Awareness Content Templates for LUCY Server 01/2017

Phishing Awareness and Attack Scenario Update 01/2017 – Lot of new or improved content!

Books from Verne Harnish, Stephen Covey, Eric Ries, Liz Wiseman, Marshal Rosenberg and Christoph Mathis for building a better business: Lean Startup, Non Violent Communication, Scaled Agile, Scaling Up and Multipliers

For Accelerators, Multipliers and Entrepreneurs – The Books we read in 2016

It is important that you don’t only focus on Tech skills,  when you build a Software Business. As an entrepreneur and a leader in Tech you need to start early developing your personal and especially your communication skills. So we did in 2016! Here’s the list.

How to configure an IT Security Awareness Training with LUCY Interactive Training Templates

Security Awareness Training – Screencast How to customize your own Training using the Mixed Interactive Template

LUCY Relase 3.2 is available in November 2016

Bam! LUCY V3.2 is out with awesome corporate features

Dear LUCY Users,

Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook and LDAP Integration – Only six weeks after Version 3.1 we’re shipping already LUCY Release V3.2! Why? Because we wanted it so! Big customers and large corporate prospects asked us to provide more corporate features. And we put them in this release!

Analyzing a malware simulation report from LUCY

Malware screencast 5/5 – How malware simulations are reported: Example of a vulnerability scan report.

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more!
Template based malware attack simulations: We created a series of screencasts, where we show quickly, how you can customize a vulnerabiltiy scan or a malware attack simulation using a predefined template. Let’s have a look on these 5 videos:

Screencast showing how a ransomware simulation is run with lucy, this is a tutorial video

Malware screencast 4/5 – Setting up a ransomware attack simulation (harmless) – LUCY Server.

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more!
Template based malware attack simulations: We created a series of screencasts, where we show quickly, how you can customize a vulnerabiltiy scan or a malware attack simulation using a predefined template. Let’s have a look on these 5 videos:

Different Malware Types can be simulated with LUCY - Tutorial Screencast

Malware screencast 3/5 – Different types of available malware simulation templates – LUCY Server.

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more!
Template based malware attack simulations: We created a series of screencasts, where we show quickly, how you can customize a vulnerabiltiy scan or a malware attack simulation using a predefined template. Let’s have a look on these 5 videos:

Tutorial showing how to execute a malware simulation - This is a LUCY screencast

Malware screencast 2/5 – Executing a malware simulation with LUCY. A harmless vulnerability scan is run.

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more!
Template based malware attack simulations: We created a series of screencasts, where we show quickly, how you can customize a vulnerabiltiy scan or a malware attack simulation using a predefined template. Let’s have a look on these 5 videos:

Set up a malware simulation with LUCY - This screencast tutorial shows how a malware attack simulation is created

Malware screencast 1/5 – Setting Up a Malware Testing Toolkit Simulation – LUCY Server

Use Identical Mails as used from Cozy Bear for Your Own Phishing Simulations – Post Election Phishing

Social Engineering and Phishing made easy with LUCY. F.e. the comparison feature is available now in the free edition

Easy social engineering, phishing and more for free! Empowered LUCY Community Edition V 3.1

It Starts with a Phishing Attack: 10 Steps to a Global Financial Meltdown

‘Too big to fail’—But the financial industry remains vulnerable. Just look at the ‘Carbanak attacks’ or the ‘Bangladesh SWIFT Hack’. A global financial meltdown due to hacker attacks is a realistic possibility: A poll taken at Black Hat 2016 indicates that 72% of security experts expect a ‘major issue’ to occur in the next 12 […]

5 Takeaways From Cisco’s Big Cybersecurity Report –

1-ransomware, 2-flash, 3-abandoned WP-Sites, 4-OldSwitchesRouters, 5-SecTeams are loosing confidence! Jonathan Vanian from analyzed Cisco’s annual Security Report. His findings are: Hackers love ransomware (at Hospitals, Universities, UtilityFirms) Adobe Flash is still bad 4 security Abandoned WordPress Sites used by hackers for Shops Companies with old, outdated technology are main targets (Switches, Routers) The badiest […]

Setup Phishing attack – Your first Phishing simulation

Setup a Phishing attack within minutes due template based wizards. If you want to find out how vulnerable your people are to Phishing scams , you should choose LUCY Community Edition (free). Watch the screencast. Setup phishing attack: When you use a best practice template together with the wizard mode, you will have your phishing […]

Installing and configuring the Phishing Server

Screencast Phishing Server installation from scratch – LUCY Security

Install your own Phishing Simulation and Tech Assessment Server within minutes. This short hands-on video shows you how to proceed. Enjoy the screencast Phishing Server installation  from LUCY.  LUCY is very easy to install and to configure. The video shows a complete installation of LUCY Community Edition. The preliminary installation of VMware Open Player and […]

Stories for the Weekend: 4 Best data breach responses in the past years

Here’s a well written blog post from skyhigh networks about the Lockheed Martin Non-Breach (2011), Adobe Breach (2013), Home Depot Breach (2014) and the  Heartland Payment Systems Breach (2008).  The article shows how the companies responded to the cyber attack(s) and what actions they made. The post is not too long and suitable for non-tech persons, […]

LUCY Functional Overview

Phishing-Service und Assessementdienstleistungen direkt von LUCY

Interesssenten aus der Schweiz können neu alle Leistungen rund um die Prüfung und Sensibilisierung von Cyber Risiken direkt bei LUCY einkaufen. Der Kunde kann von den Spezialisten lernen und später viele Arbeiten intern erledigen, wenn gewünscht. Technologie Audits, Phishing Simulationen, Prüfungen der Anfälligkeit gegenüber Ransomware, Security Awareness Trainings oder auch Strategieberatung im Bereich Cybersecurity und […]

Competencies of security leaders

What skills are optimal for a security leader to have? In reviewing a recent study from KPMG, we discovered the following:

LUCY reached more than 2000 active Installations!

LUCY now supports SMiShing attack simulations

LUCY 2.6 has been published with a new feature that allow users to perform SMiShing attack simulations. SMiShing is a security attack in which users are tricked into downloading malware or accessing links from their mobile devices. SMiShing is short for “SMS phishing. LUCY is now the only downloadable application in the world that can […]

LUCY in the Press last year

LUCY has received an incredible amount of press coverage in a variety of different publications. Thanks so much! We didn’t expect to receive so much wonderful attention in 2015. Here are the links to the publications covering LUCY Server: German: *Updated JUN-27-2016 to […]

SonicWall blocks the LUCY download as possible malware

SonicWall Gateway Antivirus blocks LUCY download. We have identified an issue with the “Download Files” from our site when the SonicWall Gateway AV application is active. The SonicWall application reports our solution as being a Trojan and will either completely block the download or cause it to fail partway through the downloading process. This is […]

New Video Tutorial “Interactive Sessions with LUCY”

Please watch our latest video tutorial concerning a malware simulation that establishes an interactive client communication with reverse http or https channels.

Setting up LUCY – It takes just minutes!

LUCY comes as VMWare, ESXi, Virtual Box or Amazon AWS images. Professionals can install it as a 64-bit version on Debian / Docker. When you already have a Virtual machine installed on your PC, it takes you just 5 minutes to install Lucy. It’s so easy! In this short video you will learn how to […]

The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

Training Video: Educational Video for Users

Rich media content provides the highest learning impact. Use this video in order to improve cybersecurity awareness after you run a phishing simulation in your organization. For even better results, you can create your own video based on LUCY’s approved video by customizing scenes.   This video can be customized to meet your own needs. […]

The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

French Training Video: Educational Video for Users

La vidéo de formation IT Security en français – Le contenu des médias Rich fournit l’impact de l’apprentissage le plus élevé. Utilisez cette vidéo afin d’améliorer la sensibilisation à la cybersécurité après avoir exécuté une simulation phishing dans votre organisation. Pour de meilleurs résultats, vous pouvez baser sur la vidéo approuvée LUCY et personnaliser certaines prises. […]

The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

Spanish Training Video: Educational Video for Users

El video de entrenamiento de seguridad de TI en español – Contenido multimedia proporciona el mayor impacto de entrenamiento. Utilizar el vídeo con el fin de mejorar el conocimiento de la ciberseguridad después de ejecutar una simulación de phishing en su organización. Para mejores resultados se puede basar en vídeo aprobado de Lucy y personalizar algunas […]

The storyboard as word-file is used to document customer requirements for the educational video of LUCY Phishing Server

German Training Video: Educational Video for Users

Das LUCY IT Security Trainingsvideo auf Deutsch – Multimediainhalte bieten den besten Lerneffekt. Verwenden Sie dieses Video zur Festigung der Wachsamkeit in Bezug auf Cybersecurity in Ihrer Organisation, nachdem Sie eine Phishing Simulationskampagne durchgeführt haben. Soll eine noch bessere Trainingswirkung erreicht werden, dann können Sie dieses bewährte Video für Ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse personalisieren lassen.   Passen […]