Security Awareness Training – Screencast: How to customize your own Training using the Mixed Interactive Template

How to customize your own individual IT Security Awareness Training using a state-of-the-art template provided by LUCY Server. It shrinks your campaign preparation work from days to minutes!

After a phishing campaign you generally run a educational ‘Awareness Campaign’. LUCY provides predefined content for that. This screencast shows you, how you can customize the “Mixed Interactive Training” Template for your own needs. It shows what content types are available out of the box. The video explains also, how you can include/exclude the prebuild sections, f.e. how to eliminate the video section on the landing page of the awareness training. At the end the screencast explains you how you can change Header/Company Name, how to upload and use your own Logo and how make a selection out of the predefined quiz questions.

“Mixed Interactive IT-Security Training”  – Lot of stuff for more than one awareness campaign! Detailed documentation is available in the Support Wiki.

Awareness Training Screencast:

The 9 Minute Screencast gives you an overview how the Mixed Interactive Security Awareness Training is structured and how you can change / customize the most important elements of your awareness training campaign.

  1. Predefined Content Sections Overview: The landing page of the Mixed Interactive Template contains the following content sections. All sections can be customized or included/excluded:
    • Header
    • Info
    • What’s… …Info Section
    • Tips Section
    • Five Minutes Quiz with more than 20 Questions
    • Educational Video Section
  2. The only file you need to be aware of! readme.html – You will find the most important hints and tips how to customize the awareness training template.
  3. The most important file: Index.html – Example customizations shown in the video:
    • Exclude the video in the Awareness campaign (index.html)
    • Change the Company Name (index.html)
    • Change the Logo (Edit-Mode of index.html)
  4. Excluding questions from the campaign – static/js/quiz-config.js