Simulated Cyber Attacks [Infographic] – 2/3 of Customers willing to Testify and more than 8 out 10 are Recommending LUCY!

In Spring 2017 customers of LUCY Security were asked to reply to a survey. We have summarized the results of the detailed report (here) in an infographic.

Simulated Cyber Attacks -LUCY Customer Survey 2017


  • The LUCY Customer Survey 2017 got a response rate of 28.4%
  • More than 8 out of 10 customers would recommend LUCY to a third party
  • 2/3 of the respondents are willing to act as reference customers
  • 70% of the respondends were interested in a LUCY User Group

eFax Phishing rocks: The most popular Phishing Attack Template was the

  • eFax-Scenario
  • Other popular scenarios:
    • Encrypted Mail
    • WebEx(e)
    • Virus Scanner
    • Password Assessment
  • 50+ Suggestions for Improvment were submitted
  • Close to half of the suggestions for improvement were already available as feature in LUCY!

The high response rate and the great willingness to stand as a reference customer are amazing, because the IT security industry is known for its secrecy. The high popularity rates for a public user group suggest a rethinking in the market that cyber crime can only be fight and confined together. Secrecy is detrimental to the security of the company on the Internet!

LUCY Server enables companies to be able to implement realistic simulated cyber attacks for educational purposes. At the same time, customized security awareness programs and early warning systems for security incidents can be used to increase cyber security for employees. The LUCY Server also provides the first-time cyber prevention in the form of a product (instead of services) that is affordable for everyone. In addition customers are given the opportunity to test and improve their IT security, even without special know-how using wizards and templates.




There’s no better Solution for Simulated Cyber Attacks!


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