Even more social engineering and phishing features with LUCY Community Edition for free!

Since release V 3.1 we made a bunch of additional features available for LUCY Community Edition. It still comes for free, but we increased the campaign limit from three to maximum 5 campaigns. And we increased the functionality!

Beside the increased number of campaigns we added some interesting and important features, so that small businesses can profit from full scale social engineering features also. High class IT security awareness campaigns are now available for free. We added following new features added to the Community Edition:

  • Website Cloner
  • Performance Calculator
  • Video Learning
  • Recipient History
  • Comparison & Trending
  • Email Spider
  • Trusted Certificate Import
  • Spear Phishing Tailoring

New social engineering and phishing features at a glance

All these features were added to the Community Edition: The Website Cloner allows you that you can quickly create highly professional landing pages for your campaign. Clone existing websites and add additional layers with data entry fields, files for download and more. Okay, the Performance Calculator is really not an important feature for the limited number of recipients within the Community Edition, but nevertheless it shows you the power of LUCY and what would be possible with your underlying infrastructure.

Social Engineering and Phishing made easy with LUCY. F.e. the comparison feature is available now in the free edition

Campaign comparison now available in the free edition.

With Video Learning you can integrate rich media in your awareness trainings. Use the existing educational videos, adapt them or add own rich media. The Recipient History feature answers the question, which recipient was included in which campaign and how she did score. Of course it answers also the question which users were not included yet in campaigns 😉  The Comparison feature allows that you are able to compare the campaign statistics among different campaigns. The email Email Spider is an E-mail scanning feature that integrates a centralized search engine API which allows you to identify as many email addresses as possible and harvest them from the internet for a given domain name. Import or generate SSL certificates! If you decide to use SSL for your campaigns you don’t have to purchase LUCY anymore because this feature is available in the free version now. Generate a custom certificate or a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), or import a own trusted one.[/caption]

Spear Phishing now available in the free LUCY Edition – Run highly personalised and customised spear phishing campaigns. The Spear Phish Tailoring works with variables. These can be integrated in message templates and landing pages. You can use variables like %name%, %division%, %location% etc in your Phishing or SMiShing scenarios. Short: Social engineering and phishing (…smishing, etc) ist made easy!

Enjoy LUCY, increase IT security awareness and train your staff appropriately!

And last but not least, here’s a hint: Did you run out of recipients? Just a short note about the campaign limitations in LUCY Community Edition. If you don’t want to upgrade to a commercial edition and you already used all 5 campaigns: Just export all your campaigns to file, download a new LUCY image from our website, install it and re-import your campaign file!

Download LUCY, you can use it for free as long as you want!