Roll out a GDPR Training

Rollout a GDPR Training to your Employees in a Minute [Video]

Rolling out an interactive GDPR training with LUCY. Imagine that you want to distribute a training course to your employees quickly and easily. You would like to know who the people have completed the training and what results have been achieved.  LUCY Server is also an e-learning system with which you can roll out training content in your company.

The short video shows how to set up a GDPR training in LUCY and send it to the employees. The course content is available as a template in the product. The procedure in LUCY is very simple:

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. Create a new scenario in it, select “Awareness” as type
  3. Select the GDPR training (corresponds to the DSGVO) as a template
  4. Save the scenario. Now you have created your own GDPR course. The course includes small tests and a quiz
  5. Edit the invitation mail to your employees
  6. Add the recipients to complete the course
  7. Start the GDPR training!

That’s all it takes: -) Have fun with LUCY Server.

Would you like to see what the training content is? Then watch this video.

About the Awareness Training Content in LUCY: Within the product we offer dozens of training templates. This is not just about information security. There are also training modules on physical security or safe use of the mobile phone, to name just two examples. Static learning content, interactive training and many videos are available. Our best practice videos can be customized to your requirements at a standard price. So you can get a personalized training video at a reasonable price, if you wish!

Create your own training modules! Since LUCY 4.0, the’ Adapt Authoring Toolkit’ has been integrated into LUCY. Training professionals can create their own content and use LUCY to distribute the training. We are more than just a phishing simulator!

Simple awareness training content is often really efficient!

Maintain Attention with simple and efficient One-Pager IT Security Awareness Content

Simple and short awareness campaigns with LUCY are often sufficient to maintain employees’ awareness of Internet risks.

Today we present two employee awareness templates available in LUCY Server: the LUCY “PDF-Infoflyer” and the template for “One Pager Phishing Awareness (responsive)”. Both templates allow the provision of a simple but effective repertory for email security.

awareness onepager content against cybercrime are effectivePDF Infoflyer: A pager phishing awareness flyer (PDF) is embedded in a static awareness campaign website (or any other site). The corresponding Word template can be reloaded and edited. Afterwards the document can be saved as info. pdf and uploaded back to the LUCY server.

One Pager Phishing Awareness (Responsive, for Smartphones & Co.): This is a static single page phishing awareness HTML template. It works with a minimum resolution of 360 pixels.



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