LUCY the only truly GDPR compliant security awareness and phishing simulation solution!

Our evaluation process has shown that LUCY Security Awereness software is the only solution that meets our data protection and GDPR needs. Moreover, the LUCY people have shown that they are always looking for a solution to our problems! – Statement of a new corporate customer 2018

Anonymous Data in the Phishing Simulation Dashboard

Masked Victim Data of a phishing simulation campaign using LUCY Software

Full GDPR compliance in the LUCY Security Awareness Suite – In Switzerland, the same data protection standards apply as in the European Union. For this reason, the LUCY Suite was already geared towards data protection, anonymization and pseudomization at the concept stage in 2014. This means that employees can receive targeted training, even if the system administrator is unable to view employee data. Depending on the reputation level, employees can be provided with special training courses adapted to their know-how, while privacy and anonymity are assured.


LUCY is the only anti-phishing and employee sensitization suite that complies with the GDPR, whether as a local installation or a cloud solution!

Learn more about Data Protection, GRPR and LUCY Phishing / Employee Sensitization here (LUCY Wiki).


DSGVO konforme Phishing Simulationen und Mitarbeitersensibilisierungen sind nur mit der LUCY Software möglich