Create and run a smishing attack in two minutes - LUCY screencast

Setup and Run a Smishing Attack in 2 Minutes – Educational Social Engineering with LUCY

A smishing attack is done easily with LUCY Server. Set up your educational social engineering campaigns and train your people.

Create and Run a Smishing Attack Simulations with LUCY Server. A Smishing Campaign is like a Phishing Campaign, but the distribution is done over SMS messages instead using email. With LUCY you can set up such a campaign as easy as a phishing simulation. This Video shows how it’s done. You need to have the mobile numbers from the recipients. Please take note that Smishing is unlawful in some countries! LUCY Security from Switzerland makes cyber prevention and IT-Security awareness affordable and available to everbody!


Ransomware Explainer Video by LUCY

Did you know that you can customize our Ransomware Explainer Video?

Adapt LUCY’s Ransomware Explainer Video to your own needs. Owners of a commercial edition can customize every educational video delivered by LUCY for a reasonable price.

Our Ransomware video explains in less than two minutes how to protect against Ransomware attacks. This is about the behaviour of each individual: do not open links from unknown, think twice before you click.

Many customers use the video without customization to train your organization. But there is also a considerable amount that want to individualize the video or they want to add customer-specific information into the video. With the help of our storybooks, which we deliver to the customer as needed, this is done quickly. This allows the desired changes or extensions to be clearly and easily documented and specified.

Thus, a rapid and low-cost individualisation of the learning content is made possible.

Contact us if necessary or if you have more questions here: Request a semi-custom video.


Avoid Ransomware - Locky in Action

18 Strategic and Creative Ways to Avoid Ransomware

Screencast showing how a ransomware simulation is run with lucy, this is a tutorial video

Malware screencast 4/5 – Setting up a ransomware attack simulation (harmless) – LUCY Server.

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more!
Template based malware attack simulations: We created a series of screencasts, where we show quickly, how you can customize a vulnerabiltiy scan or a malware attack simulation using a predefined template. Let’s have a look on these 5 videos: