Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook - LUCY Server

Our Phishing Incident Button is now available Everywhere!

LUCY Phishing Incident Plugin allows an easy and fast response to ongoing threats. Because it’s a highly beneficial feature for companies of all sizes we decided to make it available to ALL commercial editions of LUCY. Already for 350$ / Year you get an unlimited alert feature for your company!

Report scams with the phishing button from LUCY Security

Phishing Incident Plugin for MS-Outlook available everywhere

The plugin allows an immediate response to running cyber attacks. Because it’s such a powerful and valuable feature also for smaller companies we decided to make the functionality available to all commercial editions of LUCY Server. Already for 350 dollars you have the possibility to introduce a company-wide cyber alert-system in the enterprise. And without user limitations! Read more about our Phishing Button here.


More sophisticated functionality like the Threat Console or the “LUCY Risk Score” remain designated to the higher editions. If you want to discover more about these features read our post we have written for the launch of LUCY V3.4.


LUCY – We make cyberprevention and simulated Internet Attacks affordable and available to everybody!

Report Scams Quickly and Assure Speedy Threat Analysis – Phish Button for Outlook

Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook - LUCY Server

Our Most Beloved New Feature: Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook