Phishing Attacks Made Easy Webinar 2018

How do I do a file-based phishing email simulation and training? [Video Tutorial]

Phishing Attacks Made Easy – In 15 minutes to a savvy professional attack with file-based phishing email and IT security training. Prevent cybercrime, strengthen your employees!

The recording of the webinar moderated by Kevin Beaver shows how to provide an advanced phishing campaign. The video tutorial is rounded off with a search for existing data leaks in the darkweb.



During the screen presentation you will be shown the following steps in the creation of a file-based phishing simulation and the subsequent training lesson:

00:00 – Introduction “A wrong decision is all that it takes” by IT Security Expert Kevin Beaver

08:45: Creating a simulated phishing attack using the new LUCY Software V4.3. Security Evangelist Oliver Münchow shows how to create a sophisticated attack simulation and training campaign with the LUCY software in no time at all:

  • Selection of a Phishing Simulation
  • Create a landing page similar to the login page of an Office 365 © installation.
  • Configuration of a harmless Trojan in the ‘Installation file for Office Mail’.
  • Selection of the training module for the subsequent Awareness Training
  • Executing the awareness-raising campaign
  • Statistics / reporting of phishing simulation and the employee training
  • Reporting suspicious emails using the Phishing button and the Incident Console’s working method

23:00 Dark Web Research & Analysis: As a bonus the new LUCY Darkweb search for existing data leaks is presented (Preview)

26:50 Q+A: Questions from the audience moderated by Colin Bastable LUCY USA

About – The LUCY software serves to prevent cybercrime. The product can be installed locally or downloaded from the cloud. Hundreds of attack templates and training modules are available so that the solution can be used immediately. In the meantime, LUCY has been downloaded over 11000 times and installed over 6000 times. Customers like Robert Bosch, Pioneer or SEB-Bank are customers of the Swiss company with offices in Switzerland and Austin Texas.

LUCY is available in the Cloud or locally (download here)

Contents of the Webinar Video:

LUCY is available in the Cloud or locally (download here)


Webinar Invitation Phishing Campaigns Made Easy on Sep-26 2018 with Lucy

Webinar: Phishing Campaigns Made Easy on Sep-26

“LUCY: Phishing Campaigns Made Easy”

  •  Sep 26, 2018 11:00 AM CST – Webinar registration here
  • Hosted by Hacking for Dummies author Kevin Beaver
  • Execute a campaign in LUCY in 5 minutes
  • Q&A: LUCY founder Oliver Münchow answers your questions
  • Sneak preview of new Dark Web Defense tool
  • VPS Server migration offer for upgrade to LUCY V4.3

Introduced and moderated by security expert and author Kevin Beaver with a live demonstration by LUCY co-founder Oliver Münchow. Webinar participants will be entered in a draw for the latest edition of Kevin’s bestselling book “Hacking for Dummies”.

Join security guru Kevin Beaver, author of Hacking for Dummies, as he hosts LUCY Security co-founder and CEO Oliver Münchow in a fast paced web discussion of simulated phishing attacks. Oliver will showcase LUCY 4.3’s new Campaign Wizard to show you just how easily you can fire up a professional campaign in a few minutes. Attendees will be entered into a prize draw for the latest, 6th Edition of Kevin’s top-selling tome Hacking for Dummies.

  • When: Sep 26, 2018 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM Central Time (US and Canada) – Add to Calendar
  • Where:  Register for Zoom-Webinar here



We are looking forward to many registrations, see you soon! Your LUCY Team.



Educational Advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate Malware

Advanced Spear Phishing Campaign and appropriate Malware [Video-Tutorial]

Suitable for reproduction: Build your own advanced Spear Phishing Simulation with the appropriate attached Malware with LUCY. A 30 minute video gives you the possibility to build up an advanced phishing and malware simulation almost off the cuff!

LUCY Founder Oliver explains how you can set up an advanced Educational Spear Phishing campaign and store it as an reusable template. Contents are:

  • Create a new attack template for your own purpose
  • Create a file-based or mixed advanced spear phishing scenario, using pre-defined templates.
  • Configure the phishing mails, so that thy contain personalized content
  • Configure and integrate harmless Trojans (Malware) into the file-based scenario
  • Set a default behavior of the Trojan (f.e. commands on the client to be executed or the listing of “Recent Documents” on the target computer)
  • Start, monitor and finalize the campaign
  • Reporting: Analyze the results of the Spear Phishing campaign
  • Useage of the scheduler with multiple scenarios (Q+A at the end)

You would like to reproduce/replay this educational phishing campaign? Just request a Demo System here:


Register for LUCYs Spear Phishing and Malware Setup Webinar on April 11th 2017

Register for our Spear Phishing and Malware Webinar on April-11th!

The current phishing attacks are now becoming more sophisticated and personal. Our experience has shown that the employees of an organization, with appropriate training and phishing simulations can better deal with such threats and this can significantly increase the company’s security. Join our webinar and experience live how to set up, implement and evaluate a personalized […]