Best Blogposts 2017

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

When we look back on 2017, it is really hard to grasp all the transformations in which our world finds itself. Blockchain, the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine in the car, autonomous drone deliveries and global malware attacks were in the spotlight in 2017. Technology changes the world. LUCY Security is also a technology company and we look back to the end of the year, which were the five most popular blog posts that were in our spotlight.


1st Place: Setup Phishing attack – Your first Phishing simulation

Setup your own Phishing attack within minutes due template based wizards. If you want to find out how vulnerable your people are to phishing scams , you should opt for the powerful and free LUCY Community Edition. Watch the screencast how it’s done.


2nd Place: It takes you 2 Minutes to create and send out a Ransomware Simulation

Setup and execute a Ransomware attack simulation in just two minutes thank to LUCY Server. The software provides different infrastructure assessment templates for malware simulations. You can check until what extend a ransomware attack would be possible in your organization. In addition there is a ransomware alike phishing attack template available who locks the users computer.


3rd Place: The Who is Who in Information Security

An overview and ranking of the 150+ most influencial blogs  and content contributors in the area of Cyber Security: This article includes rankings based on the Alexa position and based on Twitter followers. The full study can be downloaded in PDF format.


4th Place: Create an Run Malware Simulations with LUCY Server

Setup and run different types of malware attack simulations with LUCY: In a set of screencasts we show you how you can execute vulnerability scans, ransomware simulations, remote console posts and many more! Have a look on the 5 videos!


No. 5: New or Improved Testing and Learning Content with the Phishing Awareness and Attack Scenario Update

New Phishing Awareness Training Content and updated Attack Scenarios. We put our spare time into producing new and highly valuable phishing awareness training content: Videos, Courses and even Exams.  Read the full article.


We are pleased that our video contributions have been particularly well received by our readers. We would like to thank our loyal readers and wish everyone a great 2018!






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