Register for LUCYs Spear Phishing and Malware Webinar on April-11th 2017

The current phishing attacks are now becoming more sophisticated and personal. Our experience has shown that the employees of an organization, with appropriate training and phishing simulations can better deal with such threats and this can significantly increase the company’s security.

Join our webinar and experience live how to set up, implement and evaluate a personalized spear phishing campaign in LUCY, for training purposes. Meet the LUCY founder, Oliver Münchow, and learn how to:

  • Create a file-based phishing scenario, using pre-defined templates.
  • Configure the phishing mails, so that they look like they are company’s internal emails
  • Configure and integrate harmless Trojans (Malware) into the file-based scenario
  • Set a default behavior of the Trojan
  • Start, monitor and finalize the campaign
  • Analyze the results of the Spear Phishing campaign

Oliver will also answer selected questions from the participants, at the webinar. Register below!

Registration Form: Setting up a spear-phishing simulation with the appropriate malware

Tuesday, 11th April 11.00 – 11.30 EST (17:00 – 17:30 CEST)

Registration closed  – Watch out for future Webinars.